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15 Most Expensive Houseplants 2023 in the World That People Buy

Variegated Swiss Cheese Plant

Most Expensive Houseplant Introduction


Houseplants are beautiful and often provide beneficial plants for people. In recent years, social media has increased the demand for these plants. Houseplant prices have been increasing because of this demand primarily on Instagram, with unique beauty as another factor for a higher price.

There are many types of plants that people buy, but some have a more expensive price tag than others.

Here is a list of the top eleven most expensive houseplants:

  1. Mature Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

    Price range -($80 to $400)

    The mature fiddle leaf fig tree is one of the most expensive houseplants that people buy. It’s a tropical rainforest tree that can grow nearly 50 feet in height and has bold foliage loved by interior designers and homeowners who want something with an exotic look to their homes.

    When buying a new plant, consider purchasing a humidifier for it so you don’t need to be as concerned about how dry your fiddle leaf fig will become during the winter months.

  2. Variegated Monstera

    Price range-($700 to $5000)

    Variegated Monstera is a very rare plant that can sell for up to $5000. It has many varieties of shades and shapes, and it also takes an extremely long time for propagation. The normal green variety sells for just about $20.

    Variegated varieties are more expensive than plain-colored ones. This is an example of a price difference in plants and one reason why many people might purchase them.

  3. Hoya carnosa ‘compacta’

    Price range-($40 to $6500)

    The Hoya carnosa compacta variety of Hoya is one of the most expensive houseplants. The plant’s variegation, which consists of cream-yellow veins on a green background and small reddish spots, helps to make it stand apart from other varieties.

    This plant can be found for sale at $6500 or less depending on the seller.

  4. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

    Price range-($2000 to $200,000)

    The most expensive houseplant in the world is called Shenzhen Nongke Orchid. It took eight years to cultivate this plant, and it was entirely made by humans. The orchid is a flamboyant red color with a deep purple flower that can take up to four-five years to bloom.

    In general, this is the most expensive houseplant that people buy. The key to success with these plants is finding one that’s rare and has a high selling price. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these gems, it will be worth its weight in gold.

  5. Philodendron Minima

    Price Range-($50 to $8,150)

    The Philodendron Minima is a popular and highly sought-after houseplant. It has many common names, including the “Philodendron minima,” “Philodendron collarette,” and simply “minimal.” This species of philodendron is known for its unique habit of producing streaks, blocks, and spots on its leaves which makes it one of the most beautiful plants available.

    In general, the prices for P. minima vary depending on where it is bought and what type of plant you are purchasing. However, typically they sell for $20 to $50 with a high price range due to how rare some plants can be in large quantities.

  6. Old Pine Bonsaii

    Price range-($50 to $1.3M)

    The White Pine Bonsai is the most expensive houseplant that has ever been sold. It was bought for 100 million yen, or approximately $10 million. The tree’s price was highly influenced by its rarity and age since it had been collected from a mountain in Japan over 200 years ago.

    Houseplants are one of the best options for your apartment if you want to create a more aesthetically pleasing living space with minimal effort on your part. They can also be great gifts for people who love plants.

  7. Alocasia Azlanii

    Price range-($165 to $550)

    The Alocasia Azlanii is an extremely unique, rare, and expensive plant. It has bright green leaves that are intricately outlined in bright green with beautiful veins coming in shades of pinks, reds, and purples. The leaves are also dark green on the bottom side which makes it stand out even more.

    It can grow up to 12 feet tall and is another plant on the list of most expensive plants available.

    Alocasia Azlanii is a type of plant that can cost anywhere from $165 to $550. The high price tag is due to the exotic look, size, and rarity of the plant.

  8. Anthurium crystallinum

    Price Range- ($100 – $200)

    Anthurium crystallinum is a stunning plant that can be found in the flowering houseplant category. The leaves are dark and velvety, and the long stem has a shaggy texture to them. They develop bright white veins that shimmer when light shines on them.

    Anthurium crystallinum is the most expensive houseplants that people buy, but they’re worth it because of their beauty. This is a hardy plant with glossy leaves and large flowers in shades of pink, orange, or white. The price will depend on your location; for example, some can be purchased for $100 to $200 depending on where you live.

  9. Philodendron Tortum

    Price Range ($100 – $ 400)

    Philodendron Tortum is an expensive plant that can be found in a six-inch pot. It requires high humidity, and therefore it grows quickly. With a medium-sized Philodendron Tortum typically going for around $400, it’s not the best choice if you’re on a budget. There are many different care requirements to this plant depending on where it will be living; so when deciding whether or not to buy one of these plants, think carefully about your plan ahead!

  10. Philodendron billietiae variegata

    Price Range ($500 – $10,000)

    Philodendron billietiae variegata is a rare, bright orange petiole with yellow and cream variegation that can cost $10,000.

    Philodendron billietiae variegata is a type of philodendron that comes from tropical South America. This houseplant can grow up to a meter long and has beautiful patterns in shades of cream and green. It also draws beauty with its vivid leaves, which are typically found on the ends of branches near the stem.

  11. Saffron Crocus

    Price Range($200 -$1500)

    Saffron is one of the most expensive spices in the world and it is derived from a plant that takes more than 10,000 saffron flowers to produce just one pound. It comes at an average cost of $1,500 per pound.

  12. Tulip Bulb

    Price range ( $500 – $5700)

    The tulip bulb is a flower that can grow up to 2 feet in diameter and is 35 inches tall. The flower’s price is $5,700, which would be enough to buy a home on Amsterdam’s most posh canal!

    The Tulip Bulb has been one of the most expensive flowers ever sold in history and was once so valuable that the Dutch went crazy after it at one point.

    This unique-shaped, shiny red-and-black color tulip bulb will make a great addition to any garden.

  13. Kadupul Flower

    Price Range ($500 – $ 6000)

    The Kadupul flower is a rare plant that blooms just before dawn. It has an all-white petal flower with a heavenly scent that you may have seen in movies or on Instagram. This stunning flower can only be found in the wild, and it typically blooms once per year, making it a very special find.

    The Kadupul flower is a rare and expensive plant that’s only available in one part of the world. It can’t be found anywhere else, so it becomes very valuable because you are not able to just purchase it from any store or grow your own. If someone gets caught smuggling this flower, they will have serious trouble on their hands as they could face legal consequences if discovered by authorities.

  14. Juliet Rose

    Price Range ($200 – $1000)

    This flower, created by David Austin, was made with an investment of $5 million. It debuted at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2011 and has been on display since then. This rose is not just a pretty face but it’s incredibly durable as well. The cost to make this flower was so high because each one is individually handcrafted and painstakingly detailed which makes them truly unique!

    Juliet Rose is a rare variety of succulents with dark red flowers that are unique in the way they open. The bloom also changes color from green and yellow to an intense purple as it matures.

    The flower’s unusual shape makes it stand out, so this plant will be difficult to find if you’re looking for one at your local nursery or retailer.

  15. Philodendron joepii

    Range Price ( $200 – $ 1000)

    The Philodendron joepii is a novel plant that only grows to be 5-6 inches tall. It costs up to $2,000 for one stem cutting and is found growing on anthills in French Guiana. The Dutch naturalist who discovered it, G. A. van Oostrom, thought it was a hybrid between two previously known species of plants: the Philodendron mauritianum and the Philodendron cochleatum.


What houseplants are trending for 2023?

variegated monstera is the most Trending plant in 2023.

What are the most expensive plants in the world?

Kadupul Flower is the most expensive flower to grow it can cost around $5 million.

What are the most expensive flowers to grow?

Kadupul Flower is the most expensive flower to grow it can cost around $5 million.

Is there money in selling plants?

Plants are a hot commodity for those looking to make money. One specimen of this plant costs more than $9,600 on eBay. However, Millennials are encouraged to spend on themselves or things that will make them happy and fulfilled rather than “things” like cars and clothes. People take an interest in talking about plants as they can be seen as something different from what people typically buy.

Can I make money selling plant cuttings?

A houseplant trend is only recently becoming popular among millennial women. These plants are typically purchased by people who see them as a hobby and not just something you put on your coffee table. The types of plants that millennials like to buy will probably be more expensive than what you’d expect, which can go up to $30,000 for some rare specimens!

Most buyers tend to use these plant cuttings as decorations in their home or office or give them away as gifts.

Is selling indoor plants profitable?

The idea of a plant being purchased is not new. However, Millennials are encouraged to spend more than $2000 on themselves or on things that will make them happy. The entire plant community is growing and people are interested in talking with plants as well as inquiring about their looks and any health concerns they may have.

How much money you would spend on these if you want to grow your own saffron?

Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world. It costs around $1,500 per pound to buy saffron and it takes 80,000 flowers for just 500 grams of saffron.

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