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15 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View & Backyard Privacy Ideas

Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View

Look at these overlooked solutions to maintain privacy in your garden.

Nosey neighbors: Garden fencing or walls, which will keep nosey neighbors out while still allowing you to enjoy the outdoors with a bit of extra privacy.

Gardener’s dilemma: Privacy and nosey neighbors can be an issue when you’re trying to grow your garden and enjoy peace and quiet at the same time.

15 Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors View

  1. Garden Slat Wall

     Garden Slat WallGardening can be a beautiful experience, but sometimes it’s difficult to find the privacy you need. For example, if your neighbors are looking into your garden and you don’t want them to know what you’re doing. To keep your gardening secret from prying eyes, consider adding a slat wall to your garden.

    This type of wall is made by digging two 22 inch holes for posts and placing concrete sand in the bottom of each hole for stability before setting up boards on top of the posts.

    If you have a small garden and want to prevent neighbors from seeing into your backyard, then this article is for you.

    It tells you how to make a cheap homemade wall that will block their view of your backyard. It’s made out of wood slats that are stained, sanded down, and filled with wood filler. Then the boards are screwed together using screws and anchors. The flower pots can be hung once the boards are in place.

  2. Install Fence

    garden fenceOne of the cheapest possible ways to block off a neighbor’s view is by using a fence. Wooden fences are easily available and at cheaper rates, as compared to metal fences like the corrugated ones which look nice but corrode and lose their beauty over time. A corrugated metal fence helps block winds and serves as a noise barrier.

    If you want to block your neighbor’s view, there are many ways that can be done. The first option is by installing a fence and the second suggestion is by adding horizontal slats of wood. If you’re looking for something more permanent and durable then metal fencing would work well too.

  3. Grow Hedges

    Grow HedgesA green fence is a type of hedge that can provide security and privacy. It can be made from shrubs, vines, bushes, or trees. To create a successful green fence you should consider the climate in your area and what you want out of it. You are also supposed to plant them when they are 60cm tall.

    Evergreen hedges will provide beauty while providing security and privacy during the year around your home or business.

    Grow hedges at the back of your house to block neighbors’ views. A hedge is low-maintenance and can grow in almost all soil types, so it’s an inexpensive way to prevent unwanted views or even just privacy for you and/or your family.

  4. Garden Screens

    Garden Screens

    Outdoor bathroom contemporary style 3d render, Surrounded by the nature. There are wooden floor and wall slats partitions. These bring the sunlight into the room.

    Garden screens are one of the best ways to stop nosey neighbors from looking in your backyard. They’re portable, foldable, and can be placed anywhere. Furthermore, they’re easy to remove after use. Outdoor privacy deck screens are perfect for this application because they provide a large view for most plants without blocking out any natural light that is needed.

  5. Grow Trees And Shrubs

    Trees And ShrubsThe last way to block your neighbor’s view is by planting trees and shrubs. Evergreen trees are a centerpiece attraction, helping to have greenery all year round. By growing plants lined up against each other, you’ll be able to create privacy in the garden.

    The fastest-growing plant is bamboo. Bamboo can grow up to 8 inches a day and has an extensive root system that helps it stay in the ground for a long time. It also provides many options of colors, shapes, sizes, and textures which make it ideal for blocking out neighbors’ views with ease.

    Select plants that are potted in the ground so they will not take over your garden space or require more water than you want to give them as well as provide color year-round by using a variety of colors and textures.

  6. Bamboo Tree Fence

    Bamboo Tree FenceThere are two types of bamboo plants for fences: clumping and running. Clumping varieties grow slowly, growing out from the original clump. Cold-hardy Fargesia is a genus of bamboos that can be used to make screens to keep prying eyes away.

  7. Add Vines

    Add VinesVines are like Wite-Out in a garden. They cover ugly things and become the textural backdrops for other plants. You can grow them upward, creep, ground covers, or downward. Trailing vines grow sideways to sunlight. Vines also come in different colors and sizes so you can find the perfect one for your needs

    Grow some vines up (like ivy) and over things that you want to be hidden such as wires or pipes until they become a natural part of the garden and blend in.

    You can also use vines to block your neighbors’ view. For example, you could plant them under a lattice panel or trellis and they would climb around planters that are on the other side of the fence. This is an easy way to keep your privacy if you’re not comfortable with leaving up curtains all day long.

  8. Use Trellis

    Use TrellisTrellises are a great way to add privacy and decorate your outdoor space. They’re easy to install, not big, and can be done on your deck or patio. You can also create a natural screen by adding plants or vines on top of the trellis.

  9. Make a Living Wall

    Living-WallA living wall is a vertical garden. They are a great way to introduce greenery into your home or garden, and they can also help increase the value of your property. The best part about them is that they’re relatively inexpensive to maintain. The living wall will add elegance and privacy to your garden.

    Most people install these walls in their homes or gardens, but you could also use them on balconies or even as a standalone piece of art!

  10. Overhead Shade

    Overhead Shade

    Pergolas are great to beat the heat, and they look wonderful in any garden. They can be made from materials like wood or metal, but think about how it will affect your yard: a pergola with rustic elements might not work for all yards. A simple shade sail could work better for you than a full-sized pergola.

    Furthermore, overhead shade structures are a cheap and easy way to block your neighbors view without having to build a fence. It’s also an effective solution for blocking out the summer sun in hot weather climates.

    The structure can be made of PVC piping with open frames that connect it together at intervals or any other type of metal tubing you have available on hand like aluminum channels from roofing projects.

  11. Hang Outdoor Curtains

    Hang Outdoor CurtainsHang Outdoor Curtains is a cheap way to add personality and style while providing privacy. They should be fade and water-resistant to provide the durability needed for outdoor use. Carefully choose your outdoor materials so that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, high heat, and other environmental factors.

    1. Hang Outdoor Curtains

    2. Use a privacy screen in front of your patio/backyard:

    3. Install outdoor curtain rods and pull the curtains closed when you’re not using it

    In order to avoid the eyes of your neighbor, you can hang curtains or drapes that will block their view. Or if you want an extra layer of privacy, use blinds and shades.

  12. Hanging Greeneries

    Hanging GreeneriesHanging greeneries in a tasteful way can be an effective way to block a neighbor’s view.

    The real intention is that the neighbors don’t pick up on it, as they just see plants.

    The best way to go about blocking your neighbors view is by hanging greenery. Not only will this help you save space, but it also gives off a cool vibe that might be hard for them to resist!

  13. Install Creative View Blocker

    In certain areas, building tall fences is not allowed. In your yard, you can make a view blocker by cutting off the bottom of bottles to create smooth edges and add some color to them. You could also scorch the rough edges so they look cleaner and more polished.

    If you’re not going to spend money on a privacy fence, then you can use creative DIY solutions like planting trees or bushes and making them grow dense enough that they will block your view. You could also just buy some plastic bottoms for the windows of your home or purchase cheap plastic bottle flowers that are really easy to assemble and hang in front of any window.

  14. Privacy Fence Using Old Windows and Doors

    Old windows and doors with louvers can be used for privacy screens. Line them up on the fence or attach them to a wooden frame, then add a privacy screen over the top of it. This will keep your neighbors from seeing into your backyard and make sure that you have some peace of mind!

  15. Rolling Curtains

    Rolling curtains allow you to have instant privacy in your patio small garden. They are able to be opened or closed at will and can control the amount of light.

    As the season’s change, your outdoor space can be a great place to entertain guests or just relax and take in some fresh air. With this in mind, you might want to consider getting an instant privacy curtain for your patio small garden so that it’s not open 24/7 with too much light pouring into one area of the room.

    These curtains are easy on and off as well as portable because they roll up easily from either end – perfect when you need them gone quickly!

    Creative View Blockers are plastic products that can be easily assembled and hung up to block your neighbors view. It’s cheap and easy, so you’ll save money on buying new window treatments if you have a lot of windows in your house.

    Not only do they look good, but these Creative View Blockers also make any room feel more private because the blocker is opaque while it lets light through from behind with its high-contrast design.

Tips for more privacy around your own outdoor spaces

A growing number of homeowners are struggling to create enough height to reclaim their backyard. It is becoming increasingly difficult for homeowners because they have limited space and often lack the time and money needed to build a tall fence or wall.

There are some spaces in particular that need to remain private, such as little rooms in the backyard instead of fortressing off the entire property.

If you want to add privacy and security around your own outdoor space, these 15 cheap ideas will help. The most creative option for the yard is adding something creative like a birdbath or garden bed.

Another way to create more privacy from second-story neighbors is by using trees and plants on the property line as well as 2nd story windows or fencing in order to block the view of the second-story deck.

Here are some ideas to Create more Privacy in your outdoors

  1. Add some decorative panels to the outdoor living space
  2. The addition of a sheer curtain on the roof to your gazebo is a perfect idea it will give you privacy and not block the sunlight.
  3. Addition of a Screen with a beautiful focal point

Useful Backyard structures for Privacy

  1. Guesthouse
  2. Courtyard
  3. Outdoor kitchen
  4. Stone Wall
  5. Garden Statue


Privacy is something that we all want, but sometimes it can be hard to find. This article gives you 15 ways to give yourself some privacy while building your outdoor space.


How can I gain privacy from my Nosey Neighbours?

Your nosey neighbors can be a real pain in the neck. To avoid them from seeing into your property or making you feel uncomfortable, there are many cheap ways to block their view. You could get a custom fence design with character or build it yourself with high fencing that’s 5 feet high and lattice screens that can be bought at any big box store.

How can I make my outdoor garden private without a fence?

To create privacy in your backyard without a fence you need to plant hedges and trees so that neighbors don’t see you when they let their dog out. You can also use layers of privacy screens, but it will require more time and effort.

What is the fastest-growing plant for privacy?

The Carolina Sapphire Arizona Cypress is one of the fastest-growing trees for privacy. This tree is 6 – 9 grow zones, 30 – 40 feet in height, 15- 20 feet in width, 3′ to 4′ growth per year with a lifespan up to 100 years old. It can be planted 12 to 15 feet apart and should be pruned at least every three years or it will become very invasive.

What shrubs grow tall quickly?

Italian Cypress trees grow fast, tall, and wide. They provide privacy for their owners and can be planted in any size of space.

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