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15 Best Plants for vertical garden or Living/green wall

Best Plants for vertical garden or Livinggreen wall

15 Best Plants for vertical garden or Living/green wall


Vertical gardening is an attractive, efficient way to grow plants in a small space. Intensive urbanization leaves hardly any horizontal space and green walls are not only spectacularly beautiful but also helpful in enlivening the ambiance. They can absorb heated gas in the air, lower both indoor and outdoor temperatures.

The vertical garden was first introduced for commercial use. However, it has since become popular with homeowners as well because of its convenience and beauty that help create an inviting living environment.

Vertical gardens, or green walls, are becoming more and more popular as they offer a number of benefits. They can also help improve indoor air quality by absorbing heated gas in the surrounding area. It’s worth considering if you want to create an aesthetically pleasing space that promotes health and wellness while minimizing energy costs because the vertical garden is highly beneficial for both parties involved.

How to pick Plant of vertical garden

A vertical garden is a container that contains plants, usually with an attached support structure and pot. The plants can be grown in different containers, such as jars or pots up to the height of the wall.

Some important features to consider when picking your plant are:

– Determine if it has good air circulation – this will help reduce any buildup of mold and mildew

– If you have limited space, choose a shorter plant

– Choose plants with many leaves – they’re more likely to be able to spread out and fill the space

– Some plants are better than others for growing in containers – choose according to your needs

– Choose plants with a good root system – this will help them absorb nutrients from the soil.

Vertical gardens are an excellent way to make your space more interesting and beautiful, while also reducing the amount of water you use. They can be used for both indoor and outdoor spaces but may require more care than a traditional garden.

In order to help you choose which plants would be best suited for vertical gardening purposes, we have compiled a list of 15 that will suit any type of home or office decorating style!

Gutter garden

Gutter gardens are a trend that has been popping up all over the country. They’re made by re-using items and taking advantage of available space – like old gutters, rain gutters, or unused window sills. The idea is to create an effective vertical garden that’s functional, beautiful decoration for your home.

Some of the best ideas include:

– Repurposing old gutter into a garden

– Using rain gutters as part of their design

– Grow veggies in the garden

– Make your own compost

Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets are great for vertical gardens or living/green walls, as they allow you to add variety and depth. They can be designed with a variety of levels, meaning that you can create a hanging garden composed of different sized baskets instead of just one big basket.

Window box or hayrack

A hayrack planter is a type of window box that has its origin in Victorian England. The traditional design features a sturdy wooden frame and an open top on the front, which allows for good air circulation and sunlight to enter the soil. Over time, these planters became antique window boxes known less for their utility than for their decorative value.

Suspended pots

Suspended pots, also known as stacks of pots or hanging baskets, are a way to create vertical gardens. They can be hung from a horizontal bar or dangled from a trellis. The plants typically grow in the pot itself and need minimal attention for this type of garden planter.

Best Plants For Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are best for limited spaces. A vertical garden is a garden with plants that grow upward on stakes and trellis, while others are fixed to the wall or floor of the space. Some plants that do well in these types of gardens include Indian plants, succulents, ivy, and creeping Charlie.

Vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery in limited spaces. This is because they often require less watering and space than other types of plants, making them ideal for desktops or small apartments.

Some plants that do well with vertical garden include Indian plants such as the taro plant and holy basil plant which have an upward growing tendency even when supported by stakes and trellis system.

15 best plant for vertical garden

Best indoor plants

  1. Vines

    Vertical planters are great for small spaces and can often be grown on walls or windows. There are a variety of vines that grow well vertically including ivies, philodendrons, rosary vine and wandering jew. They will thrive in indirect sunlight with low-maintenance needs.

  2. Golden pothos

    The Golden Pothos is a beautiful, trailing plant that has heart-shaped leaves and creamy spots. It can grow with minimal light requirement. The pointy leaves have yellow cream blotches on them which are an attractive feature of this plant.

  3. Wandering Jew

    Wandering Jew is a type of plant that has purple flowers initially, but becomes gray-green with a silver tinge after maturity. Wandering Jew prefers bright, indirect sunlight and tapers leaf color from purple to gray-green as they age.

  4. Hostas

    The best plants for a vertical garden or living/green wall are hostas. They have a diverse range of colors and shapes, with bi-color, scalloped with streaks, or plain clusters. Additionally, they have an expansive habit that makes them ideal for this type of application.

  5. Best Foliage plant for vertical garden

  6. Ferns

    Ferns are a popular and versatile plant for vertical gardens. They come in different varieties and heights, so the fern plants add interest to any living or green wall.

  7. Succulents

    The best plants for a vertical garden or living/green wall are succulents, which have fleshy leaves and stem that they use to retain water. They come in a diverse range of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them adaptable to any space.

  8. Air Plants

    Air plants are gaining popularity due to their unique appearance and growing without soil. They need bright, indirect sunlight along with regular misting. Their furry and trailing foliage is almost reminiscent of a ponytail. Air plants will last much longer than other types of greenery because they do not require water or soil in order to survive.

  9. Best herbs for vertical garden

  10. Basil

    Basil is a wonderful herb that is essential to Italian cooking. It has a wonderful aroma and glossy green leaves, and it also complements tomatoes well. In addition, basil can be planted in with your tomatoes for an ideal vertical garden or living/green wall.

  11. Parsley

    Parsley is a beautiful leafy green plant that can be grown in vertical gardens, living/green walls, or as an edible herb. Plant seeds 3 to 4 weeks before last frost and harvest leaves as needed.

  12. Cilantro

    The best plants for a vertical garden or living/green wall are cilantro and parsley. These two herbs don’t need much space, so they’re perfect for any vertical garden or green wall. Cilantro and parsley both have an eye out, which means they will grow in the same place if you keep them watered properly. They can also be used outside of their intended gardening environment with little trouble. Cilantro and Patio tomatoes planted together gives the best results

    Additionally, there are many horizontal gardens that work well too!

  13. Chives

    Chives are a perennial herb that can be grown in areas with cool year-round temperatures. They need full sun and rich soil, so plant them in the spring when they’re just emerging. During summer and fall, it’s important to keep them watered regularly because chives don’t like wet feet.

    Before flowers turn into seed pods, remove all flowers for an attractive green wall or living/green wall!


  14. Best flowers for vertical garden

  15. Orchids

    Orchids are one of the best plants for a vertical garden or living/green wall because they require no sunlight and can grow in different climates. They also provide beautiful, long-lasting flowers that will last up to six months. Some plants like begonias and hostas need shade and cool climate; therefore, these plants would not be suitable as part of a vertical garden or living/green wall due to their foliage coloration.

  16. Lipstick Plant

    The Lipstick Plant is an easy-to-grow plant. It doesn’t require deep soil and grows well in a vertical planter or hanging pot. Growing this plant indoors and outdoors is simple with instructions provided on the website for planting. The lipstick plant has small flowers that change colors throughout the seasons, making it a beautiful addition to any home or garden wall!


  17. Begonias

    Begonias are a good plant to grow in your living wall. They can grow quickly and their flowers are large enough to be used as cut flowers. You will not have to worry about the begonias taking up too much room or being invasive, because they don’t spread or climb easily.

  18. Bromeliads

    Bromeliads are a type of plant that grow in spiral fashion. The leaves are actually bracts, which can be mistaken with flowers and they often last for a month before wilting away. There is an inflorescence growing from the center of these bracts which may take up to 4-6 weeks to fully develop depending on how old it is when you buy it. Bromeliads come in various colors including red, green, yellow and pink as well as many different sizes.


 What can you plant in a wall planter?

There are many plants that can grow in a wall planter. Some of the most common include lettuce, basil, dill, thyme and oregano. Other types of plants include tomatoes and strawberries.

What can you grow in a stackable planter?

Vertical planters are gaining popularity for their decorative nature and space-saving qualities. They can be stacked to save more room in the house or used on a balcony or patio to grow fruits, vegetables, herbs, flowers indoors.

What plants grow well in vertical gardens?

A vertical garden is a garden that can be grown in a container, or even on the inside of your home. When you grow plants vertically, it takes up less room and helps create an outdoor feeling without going outside. The best plants for vertical gardens are miniature vegetables such as carrots, cucumbers, eggplant, garlic, onions and tomatoes.

How do you plant a 3 tier planter?

When planting a 3 tier planter, make sure that you have enough soil in it so that the plants will not sit in water while they’re growing. This is done by filling the bottom layer of soil, and then filling in the plants’ planting holes. The soil can also be filled in around each plant to assure that none of them are sitting on top of one another.
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