11 Best Feng Shui Fountain 2022

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese practice that involves the placement of objects and spaces in a given space to promote positive energy. One such tool for Feng Shui practitioners is water fountains. The water in these fountains has a symbolic meaning and can be used to make changes in the space by creating, for example, positive energy or cleansing negative energy. The water in most feng shui fountains circulates and creates a feeling of wealth and abundance. If there is unused space, you could add a fountain and even bring in some jade rocks.

Types of feng shui fountains

When selecting your indoor fountain, there are many options to choose from. Ceramic fountains will invite more earthly energy while adding stability and grounding. Metal fountains bring organization, precision, and fortitude while also adding stability and grounding.

11 Best feng shui fountain

  1. Best Overall: Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles

    The Alpine WCT202 is the best overall. It’s quiet, easy to set up and move around, and it has a constant flow without taking a break for a refill. The water flows continuously and smoothly through the pump which makes this fountain perfect for any living room or outdoor decorating option. The Alpine WCT202 Tiered Column Tabletop Fountain with 3 Candles is a great product, and it has been rated as one of the best fountains out there. The natural elements such as the river stones add a touch of beauty to any room you choose to put this in. It also provides romantic lighting with candles that can be added if desired for an additional cost. This fountain is very easy to set up and takedown, making it perfect for those who are looking for something easy to use and store. This purchase may be a little pricey, but it is worth the cost for all of its benefits.

    This cast-iron tabletop fountain from Alpine is a gorgeous addition to your house or office. It’s composed of three tiers through which the water flows and also three tea lights to give off a calming glow. The box comes with everything you need to get started, including the grinder, joint covers, case, twist tops, and more. This square bottle is 9″ x 9″ x 11″.Customers really like the look and feel of this water fountain, saying that it is calming to look at and beautiful. They say that the pump is virtually silent, so all you hear is the peaceful flow of water. While some wish it came with more rocks, most say that for the price, this is a fantastic way to add some Zen-like elements to any space.


    It is easy to set up and takedown

    Purchase is worth the money.

  2. Best Tabletop: Rowell 7 1/2″ High Tabletop Fountain with Light

    The Rowell 7 1/2″ High Tabletop Fountain with Light is an affordable feng shui fountain. It works well in both indoor and outdoor areas, but it’s best to keep it out of direct sunlight as the light may not illuminate properly. The water cascades nicely and consistently without any issues, which is perfect for people that don’t want to worry about upkeep or maintenance. This fountain also has a nice look; its polyresin build makes it lightweight so you can easily move it to the desired location. This fountain is unique and has a natural look to it.

    The Rowell 7 1/2″ High Tabletop Fountain with Light is a great option for people who are limited on space or spend much of their time moving around. It has an easy-to-maintain design that blends in well with any room and provides warm evening lighting, making it perfect for all occasions.

    The Rowell 7 1/2″ High Tabletop Fountain with Light is a great choice for anyone looking to buy their first fountain. It’s quiet, easy to set up and the instructions are simple. The sound of water flowing from it creates a relaxing atmosphere in any room or space. The design is beautiful and well made which makes this an excellent addition to your home!

    This fountain, featuring four separate bowls, has a total height of 7.5 inches and a width of 5 inches. The inner bowl is equipped with an LED light for nighttime illumination. It runs on electricity and has a 6-foot cord for easy positioning. Because it’s made of a lightweight, strong resin material, it is easy to move from place to place.


    -This fountain is durable.

    -The motor is quiet.

  3. Best Buddha: Namaste Buddha 11 1/2″ High Indoor Table Fountain

    The Buddha: Namaste Buddha 11 1/2″ High Indoor Table Fountain is a great addition to any home. It’s easy to set up the pump, and it has an LED light that looks good at night. The fountain comes with pebbles for decoration on top of the fountain, which makes a nice touch when you want to add a little color or vibrancy to your space. This serene tabletop fountain is easy to move and perfect for indoor decor.

    This stand goes by the length of 11.5 inches and has a width of 8.4 inches, with dimensions of 7 inches on dimension total. It is an extremely durable model at the moment too!

    Light makes the area feel more welcoming, while some pebbles near the natural water flow decorate the space.

    The Buddha figure is beautiful and peaceful, while the color of this statue is bright and attractive.


    -This fountain is quite affordable.

    • The sound it makes is serene and calming.
  4. Best Small: Bits and Pieces – Indoor Water Lily Water Fountain

    The Bits and Pieces water lily fountain is a small indoor water fountain that has a virtually silent motor. The height of the 8″ x 10″ piece is designed for indoor use only, while its submersible pump pushes the water up to other flowers with rocks or crystals in them. The Bits and Pieces Indoor Water Lily Fountain is a small fountain that will complement any home, office, or retail space. It’s easy to set up and easy to maintain with just three steps: plug in the motor, fill the basin with water, adjust the height of the pump. The only maintenance necessary is keeping the filter clean by removing it every week for cleaning then returning it into place when finished. The sound this fountain creates is reminiscent of a babbling brook which can be soothing or relaxing depending on your mood.


    -It’s easy to set up and easy to maintain.

    • It makes a soothing, relaxing, trickling sound reminiscent of a babbling brook
  5. Best Portable: Faux Stone 10″ High LED Table Fountain with Crystal Accent

    Some feng shui experts recommend using a small-size fountain you can take places with you so you can test where it might do the most good. This one from John Timberland is easy to move because it’s compact (10 inches by 8 inches) and lightweight. It can easily be moved around the house or office to provide a sense of calm in any environment, while also providing an elegant aesthetic for your home space.

    The 10″ high faux stone fountain with crystal accent is a beautiful addition to any home. The Water flows down four levels, having the highest being a crystal sphere which has a soft warm light referred to as a LED.”

    As the water flows through, the ball plays a soothing melody. Customers are divided on their opinions of this machine’s noise level. many others find peace and comfort in its sound.


    This fountain is easy to move and lightweight.

    The motor runs quietly, so the sound is not obnoxious.

  6. Best Table fountain HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain, Automatic Pump with Power Switch, Extra Deep Basin with Natural River Rocks and Reflective Lighting Feature, EnviraScape Silver Springs

    The HoMedics Indoor 3-Tier Relaxation Tabletop Fountain is a great option for any home. The fountain has a natural river rock design and includes an extra-deep basin to help the water look natural. It’s also durable, so it can handle daily use without issue and looks amazing in any room. This product is worth the money – you won’t be disappointed with your purchase!

    This is a 3-tier fountain with an extra-deep basin. It’s designed to make the water flow nicely and continuously, without any issues. The light it emits is calming for children who are afraid of the dark. With its small size, it makes it easy to transport and store.

  7. Best feng shui fountain with light: Ferrisland Tabletop Water Garden Zen Fountain with LED Light, Fountain Fengshui Indoor Decoration

    The Ferrisland Electric Meditation Indoor Outdoor Fountain is a stylish piece of home decor. It provides soothing relaxation and tranquility so that you can enjoy the sounds of nature’s waterfall crashing below. This Feng Shui fountain with light includes LED lights, and it comes in two sizes so that you can choose what best suits your needs.

    The Ferrisland Tabletop Water Garden Zen Fountain with LED Light is an outdoor and indoor safe, the kit comes in a quiet submersible pump that circulates water. The fountain is perfect for your bedroom, garden, and patio

  8. Best ceramic tabletop fountain: John Timberland Country Jar Rustic Zen Indoor Table-Top Water Fountain

    The John Timberland Country Jar Rustic Zen Indoor Table-Top Water Fountain is a great option for any kitchen. It has a rustic, country cottage theme and has an elegant style that makes it look perfect in any home with its charming ceramic design.

    It comes with three different water capacity options as well as the option of both LED lights and sound effects.

    This water fountain is a high-quality, ceramic tabletop fountain that has an authentic and rustic look. It comes with a power cord and a water pump for easy setup. The ceramic construction is durable and long-lasting so it will not be easily broken or cracked like other types of materials such as plastic which can cost you more money in the future when needing to replace parts on this type of product.

  9. Best Outdoor: BBabe Spinning Orb Rock Cascading Tabletop Fountain

    The BBabe Spinning Orb Rock Cascading Tabletop Fountain is a wonderful addition to any room. The spinning ball is lit by LED lights to offer a calming glow, and it offers serenity in the room of your choice. Co has been hand-made from durable materials that do not stain easily so you can enjoy this fountain for years without worry about maintenance or replacement parts!

  10. Best Wall Mounted: Kenroy Home Rustic Indoor/Outdoor Wall Fountain

    The slate is beautiful and rustic. It looks great next to the outdoors (the natural green color makes it appropriate for any room). The black finish helps to protect the fountain from fading over time.

    At a time, you can enjoy water flowing through this wall-mounted fountain with or without lightening up your space with LED lights.

    The Kenroy Home Wall Mounted is a beautiful fountain featuring LED lighting and an easy-to-access pump. The pump automatically shuts off when it needs to cool down, which prevents the possibility of damage.

  11. Best Metal Fountain: Pure Garden Copper Metal Leaf Indoor Waterfall

    This fountain is a great option for those who want a more sleek and elegant feng shui product. This copper metal leaf indoor waterfall fountain is perfect for any room in the house because it’s quiet, easy to clean, and maintenance-free. It comes with durable leaves that are classy looking and not too large or bulky.

    The Pure Garden Copper Metal Leaf Indoor Waterfall is a beautiful fountain that anyone would love to have. It’s made of copper, which makes it durable and easy to clean. The colors are vibrant and the water flows continuously without any issues whatsoever.

Feng Shui Fountains: How to use Water Fountains in Feng Shui

Feng shui fountains are a common choice for grounding and revitalizing. They can be incorporated indoors or outdoors, and different styles include stone, copper, glass, ceramic, wood, and marble. The water is an ancient symbol of feng shui that can help to restore balance in your life. It’s important to look for a fountain with a nice smooth design that’s easy to clean and care for so you don’t have any problems maintaining it over time. Fountains for feng shui can be used in any room, including your personal sanctuary. A fountain is a good addition to transforming an ordinary space into a sacred one.

What to Look for when buying a Feng Shui Fountain

The Feng Shui fountains are an alternative to a traditional fireplace or can be used in conjunction with it. They should be considered as an investment and part of the home’s architecture. A lot of people also like them because they make for beautiful decorations, especially when you consider their form and beauty.

So what should one think about before purchasing a fountain? It is important to remember that feng shui fountains can work differently depending on which type you choose (made out of copper, ceramic, or slate). Each type has its own form and beauty. They should also be considered an investment in the home’s architecture.

Feng shui fountains became part of the home’s architecture in ancient times and were used to bring good luck. They are great for decorating and soothing your senses, but you must choose a fountain that is pleasing to the eyes and ears. You may want something small or large depending on where it will be placed within your home, such as near a door or window (to invite prosperity into your life) or by an entrance garden (to welcome guests). Purchase a feng shui fountain that is pleasing to the eyes and ears.

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