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25 Types of Green Flowers | Green Flower Images & Names

Best Green Flowers

25 Types of Green Flowers | Green Flower Images & Names


  1. Green Allium

    Green AlliumBotanical Name- Allium

    Bloom Time- Spring to Summer 

    Alliums are flowers that resemble fireworks and blossoms in the spring and summer. They come in a variety of colors and sizes varieties. Reward with their stunning blooms by planting some of these popular allium varieties like green onion, yellow, purple onions, and Egyptian onions.

    Alliums are a type of plant that contains the chemical Allicin, which is toxic for animals but not humans. Alliums can be eaten by people if they’re finely chopped and cooked with oil or butter; however, dogs and cats may suffer from poisoning due to their smaller size.

  2. Novel green sunflower

    Novel green sunflowerBotanical Name- Helianthus annuus

    Bloom Time- Summer 

    The novel green sunflower is a rare variety of sunflower. It is a type of flower with small petals that are only visible once the flowers are mature. The head produces few flowers and the small petals of this flower can be hidden under the calyx, which is just visible in its center.

  3. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

    Ladys-Slipper-OrchidBotanical Name- Orchidaceae

    Bloom Time- Between May to July

    The Lady’s Slipper Orchid is a highly sought after and well-known group of orchids. They are found in the tropics, with many genera of lady’s slippers spread over Central America, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia. The plant can be found as potted plants or cut flowers in the floriculture industry.

  4. Green Carnations

    Green CarnationsBotanical Name- Dianthus caryophyllus

    Bloom Time- Early Spring and Summer 

    Carnations are a variety of dianthus. They come in a wide range of colors and include white, coral, red, and pink. carnations are often used for holidays like Valentine’s Day or Easter. green carnation is for green for Saint Patrick’s Day.




  5. Dahlia

    Dahlia greenBotanical Name- Dahlia pinnata

    Bloom Time- Late Summer to Fall

    Dahlias are a type of flower that has many varieties, with colors and patterns ranging from white to deep purple even in green. They are native to  America. Dahlia plants can grow up to 6 feet in height, but they usually remain compact.


  6. Greenflower Indian Mallow

    Greenflower Indian MallowBotanical Name- Abutilon sandwicense

    Bloom Time- Winter 

    The green flower known as the Indian mallow is native to the island of Oʻahu, Hawaii. It is a member of the plant family in the mallow family and is commonly referred to as Abutilon sandwicense. The Indian Mallow found in Hawaiʻi has a different name from other plants that also have this species name.

  7. Viridiflora


    Botanical Name- Ixia viridiflora

    Bloom Time- Late Spring to Early Summer

    The Phyllody is a flower abnormality in which leaf-like structures replace flower organs. The plant has green at first then coppery shade later.

    Viridiflora is an ancient Chinese mutant cultivar that has the interesting look that is used for the Morden flower arranger.



  8. Green Clematis

    Green ClematisBotanical Name- Clematis

    Bloom Time- early to mid-spring

    This is a spindly, double-flowered plant with green flowers. The later tepals have white tips to them, and the spindly stems are green. It’s a sporadic autumn flower that pops up in many places across North America and Europe.

    The Double Green Clematis has green leaves with little bits of white at the top, which gives it an intricate look.

  9. Angelica

    AngelicaBotanical Name- Angelica archangelica

    Bloom Time- June to August

    The Angelica herb is a European plant and has a long history of use as a seasoning, medicinal, and tea. It is not commonly cultivated because it is an annual flower that dies after the flowering season.IT has beautiful flowers in green color.




  10. Green Tulips

    Green TulipsBotanical Name- Tulipa

    Bloom Time- March to April

    Green Tulips are an award-winning flower that has a unique color and shape. They are 3 inches across (7 cm) in diameter, making them perfect for bouquets or vases. The genus is a spring-blooming flower that often has a sweet smell.





  11. Flowering Tobacco

    Flowering TobaccoBotanical Name- Nicotiana

    Bloom Time- Summer to fall

    Flowering tobacco is an ornamental plant that blooms in the spring. It has a beautiful flower with delicate petals and a strong fragrance. The leaves are fuzzy and sticky, making them perfect for hanging baskets or window boxes.





  12. Hydrangea Annabelle

    Hydrangea AnnabelleBotanical Name- Hydrangea arborescens

    Bloom Time- June to September

    The Hydrangea Annabelle is a type of flower that grows to 3-6’ (less frequently 10’) tall. It’s known as smooth hydrangea or wild hydrangea, and it can be easily grown in average, medium moisture, and well-drained soils in part shade. This plant prefers full sun.

    For a long time, the hydrangea was loved as an ornamental plant. However, it is now becoming more popular for its medicinal properties and variety of colors to appeal to all types of landscaping needs.

  13. Green Cockscomb

    Green CockscombBotanical Name- Celosia

    Bloom Time- Summer

    Green Cockscomb is an ornamental, tree-like succulent plant. It has green leaves and spatulate shape leaves with a shiny lime green color in bright light. Green Cockscomb flowers are star-shaped and have a lime green color.

    The green cockscomb is a perennial flowering plant with star-shaped flowers. It can grow up to 1 meter tall and has clusters of small flowers, which give the appearance of stars from a distance.

  14. Green Goddess Lily

    Green Goddess LilyBotanical Name- Zantedeschia aethiopica

    Bloom Time- Late spring to midsummer

    The green Goddess Lily is a herbaceous perennial clump of arrow-shaped leaves 3-5 feet tall that arise from fleshy rhizomes. It has the tallest in shade with an evergreen top and it is often used as an ornamental plant. The Zantedeschia aethiopica ‘Green Goddess’ has yellow flowers, originating from the center of each leaf, that is approximately 1 inch long and produces honeydew on their surfaces.



  15. Green Anastasia Spider

    Green Anastasia SpiderBotanical Name- Zantedeschia aethiopica

    Bloom Time- Late spring to midsummer

    The Anastasia Spider is an exotic flower, it has a spectacular look like spider mum. The Anastasia has a single head with elongated outer petals that are more spherical due to the thickness and fullness of its petals. Its color is a vibrant green.




  16. Hypericum Berries

    Hypericum BerriesBotanical Name- Hypericum androsaemum

    Bloom Time- Early Spring

    The Hypericum Berries are a great option for filling out your floral bouquet. The stems are woody and long-lasting, making them the perfect choice when looking to add some greenery to your arrangement.

    Hypericum is also known as St. John’s wort, which is commonly used in herbal remedies for depression, anxiety, and insomnia.


  17. Bells of Ireland

    Bells of IrelandBotanical Name- Moluccella laevis

    Bloom Time- July to September

    The Bells of Ireland plant is like a garden of green bell-shaped small flowers surrounding small, white fragrant corollas within the flower spike. Its two-lipped and tubular flowers are often found growing in clumps. The plant usually reaches 0.6-1 meter in height and bears toothed leaves on square thorny stems.

  18. Green Star Gladiolus

    Green Star GladiolusBotanical Name- Gladiolus

    Bloom Time- Mid summer to Winter

    The Gladiolus ‘Green Star’ is a popular flower that is not only attractive it is available not only during the summer but also in spring and fall. The flowers are bright green with white stripes and have an almost metallic appearance. They can be used as year-round cut flowers or to lift corms for overwintering indoors.

    Gladiolus ‘Green Star’ plants should be divided into congested clumps in autumn so they don’t become too dense and crowded.

  19. Green Dianthus

    Green DianthusBotanical Name- Dianthus

    Bloom Time- Late Spring to Summer

    The green Dianthus, also known as Sweet William is a unique flower with soft and deeply cut petals. It has strong stems that last for several weeks in water and can grow best when with fertile soil and full sun. The name of this plant comes from the sweet-scented flowers.

    Dianthus is the genus name for a flowering plant in the Caryophyllaceae family. In English, it can be called dianthus or guelder rose and has been cultivated since ancient times. Today, this flower type is commonly used as an ornamental garden plant due to its attractive flowers that come in colors such as green. It’s also known for having large leaves and being easy to grow.

  20. Green Daylily

    Green DaylilyBotanical Name- Hemerocallis

    Bloom Time- Midwinter to late summer

    The Green Daylily is a rare and eye-catching flower. With six awards of beauty and performance, this flower tops shorter stems with semi-evergreen leaves. The flowers are greenish-yellow in color with petals that stand up straight like antennae.





  21. Envy Zinnia

    Envy ZinniaBotanical Name- Zinnia elegans

    Bloom Time- Early Summer – Late Summer

    Zinnias are easy to grow and are usually long-lasting. Envy Zinnia is a variety with unusual, lime green, dahlia-like blooms on long stems. It makes an excellent cut flower and grows in moist but well-drained soil on a sunny site.

    Envy Zinnia is a perfect plant for growing in containers and gaps. It can grow up to 2 feet tall, making it an ideal houseplant.

  22. Green Chrysanthemum

    Green ChrysanthemumBotanical Name- Chrysanthemum

    Bloom Time- Early winter – Summer

    The Chrysanthemum ‘Green Mist’ flowers in winter, and is part of the Asteraceae family. The chrysanthemum has been cultivated thousands of years ago in China and Japan, where it was used as a medicinal herb. It is one of the most long-lasting flowers.





  23. Cymbidium Orchid

    Cymbidium OrchidBotanical Name- Cymbidium

    Bloom Time- Mid-autumn to mid-spring

    The Cymbidium orchid is a popular variety of orchids that features large sprays of blooms in the dead of winter. Unlike many common varieties, it’s much more cold-tolerant and can live for up to three months without water on flower spikes that last one to three months. It’s best to wait until after they have finished flowering before you plant them in the spring – otherwise, their leaves will rot and die off from too much exposure to sunlight.

    Cymbidium orchids are also a popular choice for people who don’t have a green thumb, as they require little to no care.

  24. Green Rose

    Green RoseBotanical Name- Rosa chinensis ‘Viridiflora’

    Bloom Time- Full Summer 

    Green roses are the oldest and rare roses of all, green roses can mean many different things. Some people might associate them with beauty and love, while others may see them as a symbol of hope. Regardless of their meaning, they are one beautiful flower to behold!

  25. Green Hellebores

    Green HelleboresBotanical Name- Helleborus

    Bloom Time- Full Winter 

    The plant is green helleborus is good looking and easy to grow, a member of the ranunculus family. It has an appearance that is similar to the other flowers in its family and it looks as if someone took a picture through a lens. The leaves are large and heart-shaped with spiny edges.

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