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11 Best Fire Pits 2021 For Outdoors , Backyards & Patio

Fire pits are a great way to enjoy the outdoors while enjoying an open fire. However, there are some factors to consider if you want to buy one.  When choosing a fire pit, you need to take into account several factors such as its fuel source and the surface upon which it will be located. Make sure you have a non-combustible surface, such as concrete, and that your fire pit burns either propane or natural gas for the safest heating experience.


Best Fire Pits 2021

  1. Best Overall: Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Black Glass Top Fire Pit (Green Fire Glass)

    A 30″ propane gas fire pit with a square fire bowl and 12 lbs. of green glass fire glass. Powder-coated steel side panels conceal tank (tank not included) for added safety valve provides safe, easy lighting. Slim side table makes it ideal for small spaces. Perfect for cabanas, porches, patios, or any outdoor areas!



    – It’s easy to clean

    – It’s safe

    – It’s beautiful


    – It’s not very big

    – It doesn’t have a lot of storage

  3. Best Extra Large:  Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit – 36 Inch Large Bonfire Wood Burning Patio & Backyard Firepit for Outside with Spark Screen, Poker, and Round Fireplace Cover, Black
  4. Spark up some fun for everyone on your patio, deck, or backyard with a sunnydaze new large fire pit. This 36-inch diameter fire pit is the perfect size to fit many people around for relaxing bonfires on the patio, yard, or just about anywhere. The heavy-duty design and rust-resistant metal fire pit are made from durable 1.7mm gauge steel and finished with black high-temperature paint for long-lasting quality and resistance to rust. A metal spark screen for added safety from flying sparks and a waterproof & weather resistant round cover which are both included makes it easy to get started enjoying the warmth of a nice

    Pros and cons about Sunnyside Outdoor Fire Pit – 36″ x 24″ x 12″ – Black – For Sale On Amazon


    – Great for entertaining

    – Easy to set up

    – Good for outdoor use


    – Not as sturdy as other models

    – Can be difficult to light


  5. Best Smokeless: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit with Stand 304 Stainless Steel Smokeless Wood Burning Outdoor Fire Pit with Carrying Case great Modern Backyard Fireplace for Cooking Camping and S’mores
  6. Pros:
    -This fire pit produces less smoke than any conventional fire pit.
    – The Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit has a deep basin that is perfect for cooking
    – it has excellent airflow, which is a big deal
    -It can be difficult to move.
    – It is Not Durable and may be prone to rusting

  7. Best under $100: Pleasant Hearth OFW106R Brant Round, 30-Inch fire Pit, Regular, Rubbed Bronze
  8. The Brant wood-burning fire pit is classically styled and a perfect fit for any outdoor space.  I really like how the unique design on this fire pit adds detail and flare.  Perfect for small garden spaces, the Brant fire pit offers the right amount of heat for barbeques, picnics, or romantic evenings out with friends.  The mesh cover reduces the number of escaping sparks, while the wood grate provides improved oxygen circulation for a consistent fire.  This burnished bronze finish allows the generous fire bowl to match your décor and enhance your outdoor living space.


    – Firepit is easy to use

    – Firepit is safe

    – Firepit is attractive


    – Firepit does not have a cover

    – Firepit is too small

    – Firepit is not very durable


  9. Yaheetech Multifunctional Fire Pit Table 32in Square Metal Firepit Stove Backyard Patio Garden Fireplace for Camping, Outdoor Heating, Bonfire, and Picnic
  10. The Multifunctional Fire Pit Table is a wonderful addition to any patio, garden, or yard. It comes with a mesh lid to prevent burning embers from blowing away and also to keep the rainwater out. For grilling, you can use a wooden stick or your fork to make a fire; To remove the mesh lid, you can use the poker inside the fire hole. For heating, take off the mesh lid and put it on the outer cover; The square metal stove can be stoke by poker.

    The Multifunctional Firepit Table is made of high-quality steel and aluminum alloy. It is durable and easy to clean. It is suitable for outdoor use. It is safe and eco-friendly.


    1. Mesh Lid: Keeps the embers from flying away.
    2. Outer Cover: Keeps the rainwater out.
    3. Fire Hole: Make fire with wood or charcoal.
    4. Poker: Use it to poke the fire.
    5. Steel Frame: Durable and strong.
    6. Aluminum Alloy: Eco-friendly and rustproof.
    7. Safety Lock: Easy to lock and unlock.


    – It’s easy to use

    – It’s portable

    – It’s safe


    – It doesn’t have a lot of features

    – It’s not very durable

  11. Best Choice Products Hex-Shaped 24in Steel Fire Pit for Garden, Backyard, Poolside w/Flame-Retardant Mesh Lid
  12. This beautiful hexagonal-shaped fire pit from the experts at Best Choice Products features a stainless steel mesh spark guard that allows for easy viewing of the flame, while protecting you, your work, and your home from harmful embers. This fire pit is designed for outdoor use only and should not be used near wooden structures, decks, or houses.


    – It’s easy to assemble

    – It’s made of steel

    – It’s flame retardant


    – It’s not very attractive

    – It doesn’t have a lid

  13. Best Propane Stove: Outland Living Firebowl 893 Deluxe Outdoor Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit with Cover & Carry Kit, 19-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU
  14. The Firebowl 893-D by Outland Living is the perfect no-mess campfire experience! It is also possible to enjoy a realistic fire without the mess and cost of wood, and with no smoke.The fire pit is made of premium steel construction with a protective enamel finish for dependable longevity that looks great in any outdoor setting. The Firebowl comes complete with a Cover & Carry Kit, a pre-attached 10 Ft hose to keep your standard 20 Lb propane tank close by, and an extra 5 Ft hose. A 20 Lb propane cylinder is not included.


    – The heavy-duty steel construction of this  fire bowl makes it durable enough to last for many seasons to come.

    – This fire bowl generates great heat to keep you warm in the colder months.

    – When you use propane, there are no coals to rake out or clean up.

    – The product is convenient to use.


    – It’s dangerous for children and pets to touch a propane tank which is exposed in this model


  15. Best Extra Large: Sunnydaze Crossweave Outdoor Fire Pit – 36 Inch Large Bonfire Wood Burning Patio & Backyard Firepit for Outside with Spark Screen, Poker, and Round Fireplace Cover, Black
  16. The Crossweave outdoor fire pit is a stylish addition to any backyard, patio, or deck! This 36 inch round fire pit has a large black metal spark screen, poker and comes with a heavy-duty cover. When not in use, the spark screen provides added safety from flying coals or embers, while the cover protects it from dirt and debris. The fire bowl itself measures 32″ x 32″ and is 31″ high without the spark screen. It’s made from durable 1.7mm gauge steel and finished with black high-temperature paint for long-lasting quality and resistance to rust.


    – A very wide surface area allows you to cook and grill more food at the same time.

    – This fire pit is sturdy.

    – This fire pit comes in a cute design.


    – Some reviewers mentioned that it rusts after repeated use.

    – This fire pit is not very deep, and therefore you can’t burn very large logs.


  17. Best for Cooking: BALI OUTDOORS Wood Burning Fire Pit Backyard with Cooking Grill, 32in, Black, 24in
  18. The Bali Outdoor is a collapsible round steel grill that is expertly designed and constructed to last. It features a metal frame rack for holding logs, allowing for better ventilation and construction. It is a great addition to any outdoor party or event as it allows you to turn your backyard into the ultimate outdoor grilling experience. This versatile patio fire pit provides an ideal spot for roasting marshmallows to making a grilled cheese sandwich. The fire pit has 360-degree rotation while the grill adjusts up and down for your convenience


    – Great for cooking

    – The deep basin of this fire pit ensures that you can cook a wide variety of foods right over the flames.

    – Its Large and Large grills are easier to maintain than smaller ones.


    – Rust is a common problem you may face with this


  19. Best Budget:

    Amazon Basics 23.5 Inch Steel Lattice Fire Pit

  20. This fire pit has steel construction for durability. It comes with a spark screen and a fire poker to help get your fire started. The recessed top protects from the wind while still allowing for 360-degree viewing of the fire. The cover is sold separately and can be used to keep your fire pit looking good while not in use or on rainy days. This unit is designed for firewood fuel. Keep it out of the rain to avoid rusting or other damage.


    – The deep basin allows a place for logs of any length.

    – It’s easy to take your grill with you when you’re going camping or to a picnic.


    – This product is not as durable as some of the other options available on the market.

    – This fire pit has no ashtray.


  21. Best Firepit table:

    Outland Living 410 Series – 36-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Table, Espresso Brown/Square

  22. The Outland Living 410 series fire pit table is a modern vented propane outdoor fire pit that provides a perfect mix of style and functionality. It includes an easy access push button spark ignition system that takes the guesswork out of lighting, a 3-foot hose with regulator, 8 mm black tempered glass tabletop, and 15.5 pound Arctic ice decorative glass rock set. The coffee-colored UV HDPE (Ultraviolet Light High-Density Polyethylene) wicker is a reliable all weather-resistant material that will last for years. The quality craftsmanship will ensure that you will enjoy this fire pit for years to come.


    – It’s pretty, and it will add an elegant touch to your patio.

    This table is very easy to use and maintain.

    – These outdoor fire tables don’t require any kind of cleaning.


    – Compared to other outdoor fireplaces, this one is not particularly warm.

How to Choose the Fire Pit- Buying Guide


There are many different styles of fire pits, including traditional circular styles, to tables. When choosing a fire pit, consider how you plan to use it and what size will suit your space best. Larger styles will work best for entertaining guests or enjoying meals with friends, while portable designs are ideal for camping trips or small spaces.

Fuel Source:

You should consider the fuel source of your fire pit when choosing which is best for you. One option is a wood-burning fire pit while the other option is a propane fire stove.

When it’s time to enjoy winter evenings by the fire, you don’t have to choose just one way to make the sparks fly. If you’re tired of all the ashes from wood-burning fires and ready to spice things up, take a look at propane fire pits. When you burn propane, the natural gas produces a clean burn that leaves no lingering embers in your lawn or grill


A good fire pit should give you a good start on lighting the fire, but if you want to make it easier to light the fire or keep embers contained, accessories like spark screens and grates are things you might consider.

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