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11 Best Deck Boxes 2023 For Waterproof Outdoor Storage

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Our Best Picks:

Best Overall: Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box
Best Resin Deck Box: Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box
Best Budget: Rubbermaid Roughneck Extra Large Deck Box
Best Medium Size Box: Suncast 99-Gallon Wicker Outdoor Storage
Best Large Box: Keter XXL 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box
Best Small Box: Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box
Best with Hinges: SUNVIVI OUTDOOR Large Deck Box
Best Heavy Duty: Lifetime 60059 Black Bottom
Best White Box: Keter 165 Gallon Weather Resistant Resin Deck Storage Container Box
Keter Denali 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box

There are of course many reasons why it’s better to invest in a new deck box than, say, a new smartphone but if you want to organize your mess deck boxes are the best. While it was once common to use a storage shed, many homeowners and renters currently store things in deck boxes.

The deck boxes that we’re going to discuss are all of high quality, and they will do a great job at storing all of your items. Deck boxes can give you lots of hidden storage space to help you tidy up your home and backyard and store your outdoor accessories

Different deck boxes address different storage needs, so take a look and see which will work best for your outdoor essentials. Here are our reviews for the 11 best deck boxes on the market.

11 Best Deck Boxes of 2021 For your Outdoor Space


  1. Best Overall: Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box for Patio Garden Furniture, Outdoor Cushion Storage, Pool Accessories, and Toys, Grey

    The Keter Brightwood 120 Gallon Resin Storage Deck Box with Seat comes in a decorative wood-look to complement its natural setting. This resin storage box is ideal for storing cushions, pool accessories, patio furniture, and more. The storage box also acts as a seat and provides extra seating for your outdoor entertaining space. Polypropylene is better than wood and plastic, which is why you can expect this to look good for years. Whereas wood deck boxes are vulnerable to staining, peeling, rusting, and rotting, Keter’s resin deck boxes are made with high-tech materials that are designed to prevent staining, peeling, rusting, and rotting.

    Pros:- It’s made of resin

    – It’s durable

    – It’s easy to clean


    – It’s not as strong as wood

    – It doesn’t look like wood

    – It can be slippery when wet

  2. Best Resin Deck Box: Keter Westwood 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-Organization and Storage for Patio Furniture, Outdoor Cushions, Garden Tools and Pool Toys, Brown

    The Keter Westwood Deck Box is a large Durable resin deck box that’s perfect for storing outdoor patio furniture cushions, gardening tools, pool toys, and more. Compact Design with an eye-catching wood-look texture, the weather-resistant, polypropylene construction of the Westwood will withstand the elements without rusting, peeling, or denting like real wood. The top of the opened box is liftable, and it shuts with a soft-close mechanism that allows it to be opened and shut slowly. The extra seating makes an ideal spot to relax on a warm summer evening and can be placed anywhere there is the sun. It also provides good outdoor storage solutions


    – This deck box can blend in with any existing furniture and has a modern, wood-inspired design.

    – The hinges on the box are powered by Hydraulic pistons for an easy opening and closing every time.

    – The lid is lockable.


    – Does not have wheels

    – Is heavy

    – Is difficult to move around


  3. Best Medium Size Box Suncast 99-Gallon Wicker Outdoor Storage

    The Suncast 99-Gallon Wicker Outdoor Storage Box is an attractive yet affordable storage solution for your patio, deck, yard, porch, garage, or shed. Made of new wicker-look polyresin, it resists fading and rust to keep your box looking new for years to come. The lid opens on hinges for easy access to your items inside where you can store outdoor supplies and other materials. Rain water falls off the box to keep your belongings dry and free from mildew and rust. This versatile storage bin works equally well as a seat or table. Side supports under the lid make it simple to stack wicker baskets underneath without things toppling over.”

    – This deck box has a functional design that is arched to clear rainwater, so it won’t seep into the box or pool inside.

    – The lid also features easy-open hinges and a padlock loop.


    – It’s not as strong as metal

    – It’s not very attractive

  4. Best Large Box Keter XXL 230 Gallon Deck Storage Box Outdoor Patio Container ~ White

    The perfect storage solution for your garden or pool area, this Extra-Large 870 Liter / 230 Gallon Outdoor Storage Box /Deck Box is designed to hold a wide range of items like Gardening equipment and other things in its spacious interior and provides a lot of extra storage space. The box has a highly-praised convenient design that successfully recreates the look and feel of wood. This box is made of durable and weather-resistant resin, so you don’t have to worry about it rusting or peeling.


    – This large deck box has a Lightweight  design despite its size

    – It opens on pistons for a quieter close

    – It has 230 Gallons of Storage the largest storage capacity on the list



  5. Best Small Box: Suncast 22-Gallon Small Deck Box

    This 22 Gallon Storage box from Suncast makes a useful and attractive addition to your yard, patio, or pool area. Keep garden supplies, grilling tools, and lawn furniture safe while adding an attractive piece to your landscape with this water-resistant poly resin storage container. It also serves as additional seating.


    – This design is inspired by woven wicker which is a contemporary design and really looks good.

    –  It also has a lid with a slight arch to prevent water buildup

    – It’s small in size and so can fit into any space


  6. Best with Hinges: SUNVIVI OUTDOOR Large Deck Box

    Constructed from durable, weather-resistant PP material, the Sunvivi Outdoor Deck Box is a great way to keep your patio or deck clean and organized. This bench features a lift-top design with soft closing hinges and gives you easy and convenient access to your items. Whether you’re looking for a place to store Gardening supplies or extra potting soil, this portable storage box can handle the job and is of perfect size too.
    – This storage container features a modern design in black color.
    – Sunvivi Outdoor Large Deck Box is sturdy

    – Sunvivio Outdoor Large Deck Box is easy to assemble

    – Sunvivo Outdoor Large Deck Box is made of high-quality materials

    – Sunvivoi Outdoor Large Deck Box is very durable


    – Sunvivo Outdoor Large Deck Box is heavy

    – Sunvivois Outdoor Large Deck Box is not as easy to assemble as other outdoor deck boxes


  7. Keter Denali 150 Gallon Resin Large Deck Box-

    The Keter 150 Gallon Deck Storage Box is made out of water-resistant, injection-molded resin to help prevent warping and cracking.   The lid is supported by fast-opening, hydraulically operated pistons that gently lower it into place for a soft close then lift easily with hand levers.   The box features an attractive, wood-look texture in black and grey that will blend into the decor of your outdoor space, as well as holding up to 600 pounds of weight when converted into bench seating.
    Pros:- Can be used for many things

    – Can hold up to 150 gallons of storage

  8. Best Budget: Rubbermaid Roughneck Extra Large Resin Weather Resistant Outdoor Garden Storage Deck Box

    Add storage for tools, gardening items, or patio ornaments to your yard with this extra-large resin weather-resistant outdoor garden storage deck box. An iconic image of durability and strength, this deck box is made tough with double-wall construction that will give you peace of mind for years with less worry about rust, leaks, and dents. Make it even more secure by locking it up with the lock sold separately. Plus, it provides 120 gallons of storage space, which can accommodate all sorts of equipment, tools, sporting goods, and more.

    Pros:- It’s made of resin, so it won’t rust

    – It’s weather-resistant

    – It can be used for storing garden tools


    – It’s not very big

    – It doesn’t have wheels

    – It’s not easy to move around



  9. Best Heavy Duty: Lifetime 60059 Black Bottom & Desert (Tan) Sides and Lid Outdoor Storage Box-80 Gal, 80 Gallon, Desert Sand

    The sturdy, durable construction of the Lifetime 60059 Black Bottom & Desert (Tan) Sides and Lid Outdoor Storage Box is ideal for storage sheds, decks and patios, garages, or anywhere else you need to store items or need a place to sit. Boasting rigid dual-wall high-density polyethylene construction and rust-resistant stainless steel hardware, this 80-gallon outdoor storage box won’t let you down. A weather-resistant build to withstand the elements means it’ll be ready when needed most. This box comes with an external dimension of 39’’ L x 24’’ W x 26’’ H and a storage capacity of 80 gallons.


    – Can be used for storage of lawn equipment, tools, etc.

    – Can be used as a toolbox or storage container

    – Can be used to store sand in the backyard


    – Not very attractive

    – Not very sturdy

    – Not very large

  10. Best Bench: Leisure Season Wooden Backyard Storage Bench

    This attractive, decorative bench is convenient for the storage of garden tools and other necessary accessories. It features a unique countryside design which gives it an elegant appearance. The bench is constructed using high-quality cypress wood. This material’s toughness and decay-resilience properties are similar to Western Red Cedar. Its country-inspired design enhances the appearance and style of your garden, porch, deck, or terrace. The product has an additional feature of storing useful items inside it.


    – It’s made of wood

    – It’s sturdy

    – It’s easy to clean


    – It’s not very comfortable

    – It’s not attractive

    – It’s not durable

  11. Best Whitebox: Keter 165 Gallon Weather Resistant Resin Deck Storage Container Box

    If you’re ready to enjoy more time outside, the Keter 165 Gallon Weather Resistant Resin Deck Storage Container is perfect for the job. Easy to open and close, it serves as a beautiful, practical addition to your outdoor living space that optimizes your outdoor living space while blending seamlessly with your decor. When closed, this durable weather-resistant deck box keeps its contents safe and dry while doubling as a large table or seating area for two adults. With its spacious interior design, you’ll have plenty of room for storing even large and cumbersome objects.


    – It’s made of resin, which is stronger than wood.

    – It’s weather-resistant.

    – It can be painted or stained.

    – It’s easy to clean.


    – It’s not as strong as wood.

    – It doesn’t have a lid.

    – It’s not stackable.



How to Choose Your Deck Storage Boxes

If you are in the market to purchase a deck box, here are some things you should look for:


For some people, the most important aspect is overall size. Knowing how much of your outdoor space you can devote to a deck box before you make a purchase will help narrow your search results.


The important thing to remember when choosing your deck box is that what you build a box for, and that the materials you select for it have a big impact on how it ends up functioning.

Depending on the product, deck boxes are made out of many different materials. Resin and plastic Deck boxes are two of the most popular wooden deck box are no longer preferred. The type of material a deck box is made out of is important because some materials aren’t as weather-resistant as others


When choosing a deck box, think about how much you need to store in it. Thirty gallons may be enough space for pillows and blankets. 120 gallons is more spacey and can better accommodate extra seat cushions.



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