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25 Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquarium 2023

Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquarium

25 Best Plants for Betta Fish Aquarium 2023


Betta Fish Overview

Betta fish are native to Asia and live in marshes, ponds, and streams. Bettas have diurnal behavior meaning they sleep during the day. A vast majority of betta fish captured in the U.S. are captive-bred bettas that do not spawn naturally as wild stock does not exist in captivity due to their natural habitat being threatened by humans.

The male betta is a devoted father who builds bubble nests for his fry; however, he will eat any eggs that were not his own. In addition, bettas have different colors and patterns of stripes and spots. The color preferences are brown, white, blue, green, or a combination thereof while the pattern preferences are horizontal lines with dots or vertical lines with dots.

The Betta fish is an easy-to-care-for pet that has many beneficial properties such as being able to survive in both fresh water and saltwater environments.

25 Best Betta Fish Plants: Our Top Picks

  1. Amazon Sword

    The Amazon Sword is a popular live plant for the Betta fish plant. It needs to be rooted in the substrate for proper anchoring, so it is often placed in an aquarium of at least 10 gallons or larger.

    It also requires a nutrient-hungry environment, which makes it the perfect choice for betta fish owners who want their tank to thrive.

    The Amazon Sword plants are a quality substrate for any aquarium. They have broad leaves that make them ideal for displaying fish, algae-eating critters, and even breeding platforms for some fish and snails to lay their eggs.

  2. Anubias Nana

    One of the best plants for a Betta fish is Anubias Nana. It has broad, wide leaves that are easy to keep and has no special needs in terms of fertilizer. However, it’s terrible to snails and other nibbling creatures- they don’t like the taste at all!

    Anubias nana is a plant that can be attached to rocks, driftwood, and other substrates. Its low-light aquarium plants are typically used for the Betta fish tank, but it also makes them easier to care for as they grow slowly.

  3. Marimo Moss Balls

    Marimo Moss Balls are a type of algae that is found in cool, unheated aquariums. They require high-quality water with low nutrients and pollution, so they’re perfect for Betta Fish tanks. Additionally, Marimo Moss Balls prefer indirect light as it allows them to absorb the most amount of sunlight possible.

    Marimo Balls are an excellent choice for Bettas and other fish. They can be placed in a wide range of tanks, from those with low light to high light levels. Some Marimo balls may flatten out over time due to lack of current or the filtration system being too strong for them (which is why it’s important that you find ones that have been certified).

    They provide both food and hiding places which will help control any aggression your Betta might show towards his tankmates.

  4. Java Fern

    The Java Fern is an easy plant to grow in low light, and they do well with little maintenance. They’re also a slow-growing plant that’s easy to care for. The Java Fern is perfect for the Betta fish because it has no sharp leaves and no stalks, meaning there’s less chance of injury when your fish plays around.

    Java ferns are also great for planting on driftwood or rocks so your Betta can enjoy swimming through them like he does his other plants.

    Java Fern is a low to moderate light level plant that’s simple and uncomplicated. It reproduces by creating tiny baby ferns along with mature leaves. It’s an excellent plant for beginners because it doesn’t require much care and attention, while still being beautiful enough to pose in your tank!

  5. Water Sprite

    Water Sprite is a great plant for your Betta fish tank. It’s suitable for both the planted and floating aquariums, which makes it an ideal choice for people who are looking to save money on their time in maintaining the water quality of their Betta fish tanks.

    One thing that sets this particular plant apart from others is that it has low light tolerance, but high light acceptance. This means that while they will grow quickly and become huge when given enough sunlight, they also have nutrients built into the leaves to help the Betta fish thrive.

    The water sprite is a beneficial plant for your Betta fish. It’s known to grow very quickly, and it can provide cover in the tank as well as encourage bubble nests that are great habitat for your Betta fish.

    It also has stems that you can cut off when they start rotting or die so they won’t cause any problems with waste buildup on the bottom of their tank.

    It also has a high number of nutrients, which means that it’s not just for your fish; you can use these plants in your home as well!

  6. Java moss

    Java moss is a popular choice among Betta fish owners because it’s easy to care for, and visually appealing. It can be used without any light setup, but in addition, the Java moss is durable and hardy enough to survive even when exposed to the tough conditions of an aquarium. The Betta fish tend to like exploring it because they are known as “aquarium hunters.”

    Java moss is a plant that needs to be maintained and has many species. It’s easy to care for, but it does need light levels at the low-moderate range. Java moss can help provide some filtration in an aquarium with its roots absorbing excess nutrients from the water as well as creating safe areas of shade when needed.

  7. Anacharis

    Anacharis is a popular plant for fish tanks due to its versatility. It can be planted or left to float, and it’s also a favorite of the plant-eating snails that live in Betta tanks.

    Anacharis is a plant that is appreciated by betta fish. They love to browse the lower leaves, which are not aesthetically pleasing, so investing in more lighting will benefit them.

    Snails and other bottom feeders also enjoy browsing Anacharis as it has plenty of food for them to eat at any time of day or night.

  8. Pennywort

    Pennywort is a popular plant for Bettas. It can thrive under, on, or above the water surface and has low lighting requirements. The plant needs to be trimmed often because it will grow rapidly in size if not done so.

    Pennywort is a tropical plant that comes from marshes and wetlands in Argentina to Mexico. The plants are popular with hobbyists for their versatility, easy-care needs, and ability to grow rapidly on any surface–including the sides of tanks or other containers. They can be found growing wild as well as being planted by enthusiasts who have taken an interest in this unique plant’s natural growth process and ease of care requirements.

  9. Duckweed

    Duckweed is a unique plant that gives tanks a swamp look. It can be hard to eradicate once it’s established in the tank, but great for sucking up excess nutrients and feeling less exposed in the water column. It will also float or sink with any current depending on how much of its leaves are submerged.

    Furthermore, Duckweed is a great plant for your Betta fish tank. This floating plastic ring will help corral the water and keep it from dominating the surface of your planted Betta tank. It’s also easy to maintain and requires little maintenance as long as you remove any excess plants that may have grown too tall or leggy before they start growing roots in-between rocks or decorations on the bottom of your tanks.

  10. Hygrophila

    Hygrophila is a popular plant for planted aquarium enthusiasts. It’s also commonly found in the tanks of betta fish since they like to hide on its leaves. When it comes to light levels, Hygrophila will grow when exposed to full light but will not thrive if given only partial sunlight. In order to keep your hygrophila healthy and looking beautiful, make sure you don’t place it directly under a fluorescent bulb or other strong lighting fixture.

  11. Hornwort

    Hornwort is one of the most popular plants in Betta aquariums because it can grow with any light or water conditions. It will also grow quickly, even in low-light setups.

    Be careful when trimming this plant; do not cut into a root system. Hornwort grows well at about 20-30% humidity and 5-15 degrees Celsius (about 41 – 59 Fahrenheit). Hornwort is Native to all continents except Antarctica, leaves can leave a mess in tanks with some degree of salt in the water.

  12. Wisteria

    Wisteria is a beautiful aquarium plant that can be trimmed to form a foreground plant. It has large leaves, but it may not be the best option for smaller tanks as it can grow very large and change shape depending on how it’s planted.

    Water Wisteria also looks great in aquariums with Betta bulbs instead of living plants because they make your tank look more natural.

    Wisteria is a great plant for betta fish tanks because it needs a large space and will thrive when provided with nutrients. It’s also easy to care for, as the bulb can be controlled by regular trimming or pruning.

  13. Amazon Frogbit

    The Amazon Frogbit is a great plant for tanks. It can grow larger and be easier to maintain and it has large roots, giving the Betta and tankmates something complex to live in. Furthermore, it will shade out anything that’s beneath it without any problems. The plant can be found on ponds and is adapted for aquariums

    Besides, Amazon Frogbit is a fast-growing plant that quickly covers the surface of betta tanks. It produces small white flowers and has become an important part of many betta owners’ tank setups because it helps to create a natural habitat for their fish.

  14. Anubias Barteri

    Anubias Barteri is a type of plant that comes from West Africa and likes light and water requirements. It has a maximum height of 18-24 inches, is an easy-care plant, and also loves to live in humid areas.

    Anubias barteri is pretty bulletproof in life. It’s slow-growing, but not impossible to keep alive for long periods of time. The variety is easy to care for and can grow in any tank with a medium flow rate or higher.

  15. Banana Plant

    The Banana Plant is a hardy plant of the Nymphoides Aquatica family, which makes it an excellent choice for betta fish. It’s undemanding and easy to care for, with only one requirement: high humidity levels. This kind of can is achieved by placing the plants in a vase or shallow saucer filled with moist pebbles or cactus soil.

    The Banana Plants are full name “Banana Plant (Nymphoides Aquatica)”.

    The banana plant is a popular and easy-to-grow freshwater fish that will provide your betta with plenty of oxygen. Furthermore, this plant will grow broad leaves that are ideal for the water surface to make it breathable.

  16. Aponogeton ulvaceus

    Aponogeton Ulvaceus is a type of water plant. It can be purchased as dried bulbs and planted in an aquarium. The leaves are light green, different shapes and sizes at maturity, and they bolt for the surface when planted. They are easy to care for with minimal effort required.

    Aponogeton ulvaceus is a plant that can grow in the substrate of your aquarium and will produce over 40 leaves in just two weeks. It’s also easy to propagate when you bury bulbs into the substrate of your tank, so there are no worries about it going extinct if you’re not careful.

  17. Cryptocoryne parva

    The Cryptocoryne parva plant is a great option for those who are looking to keep their Betta fish tank well-planted. It has the unique trait of being able to thrive without frequent nutrient access, making it an excellent choice for high-light environments. This plant also requires low maintenance and is fairly undemanding in its care requirements.

    Cryptocoryne parva is a species that requires low light levels. This makes it a perfect plant for Bettas. The species grows slowly, meaning the Betta has time to explore its tank and enjoy the process of growing plants with it.

  18. Christmas Moss

    The best plants for betta fish are ones that can thrive in a wide range of conditions and light levels. Christmas moss is an equally hardy, slow-growing species that prefers moderate lighting but tolerates nearly any light levels and warm water: 78 to 80 degrees.

    It’s one of the easiest plants to care for because it doesn’t require frequent watering or high carbon dioxide levels like other aquatic plants do.

    Christmas Moss is a good plant for betta fish tanks because it can be easily spread across the bottom of your tank to create a forest. It spreads well and creates an easy-to-clean surface, making it one of the best plants for betta tanks in general.

  19. Marsilea Minuta

    The Marsilea Minuta plant is not very well known, but it’s a fantastic choice for your Betta Fish. This plant requires high lighting levels and needs a light substrate to thrive. Maintains high growth when conditions are right and can tolerate a wide range of water temperatures, making it an ideal option for any fish tank.

    There are many plants that can make a nice, unusual plant for your betta setup. Marsilea Minuta is commonly called water clover because of the shape of its leaves. This plant’s small size and surface area make it an ideal fit with smaller aquariums or those who have limited space in their home to decorate with little fuss.

  20. Pygmy Chain Sword Plant

    The pygmy chain sword is a type of plant found in the Amazon rainforest. It tends to grow by sending runners throughout the substrate and its leaves are long and sharp. This makes it easy for Betta fish tanks, which tend to be small in size, to support this plant as well. The light level needs to be high when growing this plant because they need plenty of sunlight but not too much heat or light so that their leaves don’t burn up.

  21. Cryptocoryne Wendtii

    The Cryptocoryne Wendtii is a plant that grows in the shade of overhanging trees and taller aquatic plants. This plant has dark green leaves and reddish-brown color, making it a perfect fit for any tank containing Betta fish.

    It grows slower than other plants so make sure to provide adequate space for this plant. The potted form of this plant is available as well as dried bulbs which are commonly used by hobbyists when starting out with their new aquariums or when they have a limited budget.

  22. Vallisneria

    Vallisneria is a truly classic aquarium plant. Among the best plants for Betta fish tanks is Vallisneria. This plant is a classic aquarium plant that has been around for years. It is easy to care for and will thrive in most water conditions.

    Indeed, Vallisneria is one of the earliest plants used in the aquarium hobby. It grows very quickly and can reach a height of up to six feet. For these reasons, it is often used as a background plant in aquariums.

  23. Cryptocoryne Petchii

    Cryptocoryne Petchii is a great plant for Betta Fish because it anchors itself to driftwood, rocks, and other surfaces. This helps to create a natural habitat and provides the fish with plenty of hiding places.

    Cryptocoryne Petchii is a plant that is popular with Betta fish owners. It does not need substrate to grow and can thrive in a wide variety of water conditions.

  24. Pogostemon Helferi

    Pogostemon Helferi is a great plant for betta fish tanks. It is native to Thailand, where bettas come from, so it will feel right at home in your aquarium. The plant is easy to care for and does well in most water conditions.

    This plant, Pogostemon Helferi, needs a lot of light and water to grow properly. It can attach itself to rocks or wood, so it’s great for adding greenery between another décor in your aquarium. Make sure to cut away any dead leaves so the plant has the best chance at thriving.

  25. Cryptocoryne Parva

    Cryptocoryne Parva is one of the smallest plants in the Cryptocoryne family. It is a popular plant for Betta tanks because it is tolerant of a wide range of water conditions and can grow in low light levels. This plant prefers well-lit tanks, but can still grow in tanks with lower light levels.

    Cryptocoryne Parva is a great plant for Betta Fish as it grows quickly and fares well in a nutrient-rich substrate, water column, and with CO2 injections. As such, it can help to improve the quality of your tank while providing your Betta Fish with plenty of hiding places.

What are the best silk plants for betta fish?

BEGONIAS, Dracena Silk, are the best silk plant for betta silk.

What are the best plants for betta fish tank or bowl?

Marimo Moss Ball, Cryptocoryne, Water Sprite, Betta Bulb, Sword Plant, Vallisneria are the best plant for betta fish.

what live plants are best for betta fish?

Water Sprite, Betta Bulb, Sword Plant, Vallisneria are the best Live plant for betta fish.

best artificial plants for betta fish?

ZAZALUM Artificial Aquarium Plastic Plants, QUMY Artificial Aquarium Plants, MaxFox are the best artificial plants for betta fish.

Do spider plants safe for fish tanks?

spider plants cannot survive in fish tanks.

Do Live plants help betta fish?

yes, the Live plant gives a great environment to betta fish.

Are Succulents poisonous to betta fish?

Yes, Succulent can be harmful to fish tanks.

What Variety of plants can you put in with a betta fish?

Most of the aquatic plants are compatible with betta fishes

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