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Best & Worst cilantro companion plants to grow in Your Garden

cilantro companion plants

How to Plant Cilantro With Other Crops

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to companion planting, as it depends on the site, season, and vegetables you want to grow. Some things you need to take into consideration when companion planting are how the plants will affect each other’s growth, and whether or not they will cross-pollinate. For example, carrots can have their growth stunted when cilantro is used as a companion plant with them.

Vegetables & Fruits to Plant with Cilantro

Leafy Vegetables

Leafy vegetables, like cilantro, are often grown in gardens to help repel pests that eat other plants. One of the reasons this works is because cilantro attracts pest-eating insects while leafy vegetables distract those that feed on cilantro. Additionally, cilantro helps improve the flavor of leafy vegetables.


There are a few different companion plants that can be used with cilantro to help keep pests at bay. Melons, specifically watermelon, cantaloupe, muskmelon, and pumpkin, work well because the leaves of these plants release a scent that deters insects from cilantro. Additionally, since different insects attract each other due to their shared diet, planting melons around cilantro will also attract beneficial predators that feed on pests.


Tomato is a warm-weather crop that needs plenty of sun and heat to grow. If you’re growing cilantro in the same area as your tomatoes, be aware that cilantro needs cooler soil and temperatures than tomatoes do. Additionally, too much heat and sun exposure can cause the cilantro to die – so protect it against summer’s sun rays and heat by using a tall tomato plant.

Flowers to Plant with Cilantro


Coreopsis is a flowering plant that is easy to grow. It attracts beneficial insects like aphids, lady beetles, and lacewings which feed on pests. This makes it a great choice for companion planting in the garden.


Cilantro is a plant that benefits from being pollinated by butterflies. The flowers of the cosmos plant are a great magnet for pollinators and can be seen as a way to draw in these helpful insects. Sunflowers also provide a slight shade, which cilantro appreciates in the summer and late spring when the sun is at its strongest.


Sunflowers are one of the best companion plants to grow with cilantro. They provide a slight shade for cilantro, which can help it stay cooler and last longer in the garden. Sunflowers also provide benefits such as shade and pollinators. Additionally, cilantro: anise helps sunflowers grow better. Finally, cilantro helps other plants germinate faster.

Sweet Alyssum

Alyssum is a sweet-smelling plant that attracts bugs. Aphids are the most attractive to lady beetles and lacewing, which eat aphids. Companion planting techniques can be used to increase the effectiveness of your garden by placing plants next to each other that have complementary attributes.


Cilantro is a herb that grows best in shady areas with cool temperatures. Zinnias are good companion plants for cilantro because they attract pollinators and also help to provide some shade. Cilantro flowers are large and grow tall enough to provide a mild but helpful shade.

Cilantro companion planting together with herbs


Anise is a plant that is often companion planted with cilantro. It is said to like the same low temperatures and humidity levels, and it also helps herbs planted near it to thrive. If your cilantro is thriving, then you may want to add anise to the mix as well.


Chervil is a culinary herb that is used in French recipes. It has a delicate flavor and aroma and is sometimes referred to as “French parsley”. Chervil also helps repel pests that might otherwise harm your cilantro plants. If you are growing cilantro, it is a good idea to plant chervil nearby as a companion plant.

When it comes to pesticides, be aware that chervil and cilantro have different sensitivities. Cilantro is more sensitive to most synthetic chemicals, while chervil seems to tolerate them better. However, there are some organic compounds that can be harmful to both plants. For the safest option, use an all-natural pesticide on your cilantro and chervil plants.


Cilantro is a herb that is often used in Mexican and Thai cuisine. It has a strong flavor and aroma, which some people love and others hate. Cilantro can be grown in your garden, but it is best planted with other plants to avoid pests. Some plants that can be beneficial for cilantro are dill and zinnias. Companion planting: Cilantro, dill, anise, and chervil.

Grains & Legumes to Plant with Cilantro


Beans are a great companion plant for cilantro. Most beans produce vast amounts of nitrogen and secrete it into the soil, which is great for cilantro. In fact, cilantro is food for the bean plant! Some good options for pole beans, string beans, wax beans, and runner beans.


Lupines are nitrogen-producing plant that benefits cilantro plants. They have beautiful flowers that attract pollinating insects like butterflies, and their legumes are attractive perennials. Alyssum is a sweet perennial plant that also helps to produce nitrogen in the garden.


Cilantro is a nitrogen-hungry herb that can benefit from an infusion of nitrogen. Some legumes will add nitrogen to the garden soil, other legumes won’t. Plant beans with cilantro to help the cilantro grow well.

What NOT to Plant Near Cilantro


Cilantro and fennel are two plants that are often grown together. However, if you were to plant them together, the fennel can suffer. Fennel suffers when it’s planted with cilantro because cilantro takes all of the nutrients from the soil, leaving the fennel with nothing. Cilantro is best if planted alone so that it can get all of the nutrients it needs to grow properly.

These Herbs

Cilantro is a herb that is known for its distinct flavor. It is often used in Mexican and Indian cuisine. While it is often thought that cilantro does well when planted near other herbs, this is not always the case. Cilantro has specific watering, sun, and temperature needs that should be considered when planting it with other herbs.

Good Cilantro Companion Plants

Companion plants are plants that are recommended to be grown near other specific plants in order to benefit them. Often, companion plants are recommended because they keep away pests from the other plant. For example, aphids love to eat cilantro, especially green peach and coriander aphids. However, sweet alyssum in particular attracts lady beetles and green lacewing larvae, which will gobble up aphids. Additionally, cilantro does well near plants that add nitrogen to the soil.

Bad Cilantro Companion Plants

Some herbs do not like to grow in the same soil as cilantro. These plants prefer a well-drained, drier soil culture. Cilantro does well with plenty of water and should be watered often. When companion planting, it is important to remember that different plants have different needs. Herbs from sunny Mediterranean regions such as Lavender, Thyme, and Rosemary make good companions for cilantro.

Cilantro as a Companion Plant

Cilantro is a great companion plant to many other plants in your garden. When cilantro bolts, it makes flowers that are great pollinator food. Bolted cilantro is also a great companion plant because it helps to discourage potato beetles. Additionally, planting cilantro or making tea from cilantro and spraying it onto plants helps get rid of spider mites.

What should not be planted next to cilantro?

Cilantro is a herb that requires full sun, so if you plan on planting anything near it, make sure to plant it in the morning or at dusk to avoid burning. It is also recommended that you plant cilantro away from other herbs like mint, as it will not only prevent cross-pollination but also keep the smell of cilantro in check.

Is cilantro a good companion plant?

Cilantro is a herb that can be used in many different ways. It has bright, fresh flavors and is commonly used as a garnish or cooking ingredient. However, cilantro does have some drawbacks, as it can stunt the growth of other plants. It is not recommended to plant cilantro near Funnel.

Cilantro can be a good companion plant for most gardeners but is not recommended for those with a tomato or potato garden.

Can you plant cilantro next to tomatoes?

Yes. Cilantro is a member of the same family as tomatoes, so it can be planted near them without any problems.

Can you plant cilantro and peppers together?

yes, you can plant cilantro and peppers together. Cilantro is a herb, while peppers are a fruit that belongs to the same botanical family as tomatoes.

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