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11 Best Indoor Plants According To Vastu

Green plants have therapeutic and astrological value. They not only add a touch of beauty to your home but can serve other purposes like purifying the air and adding positivity to the environment. The Vastu Shastra suggests certain indoor plants that are conducive to the surroundings while eliminating household pollutants.


Vastu Feng Shui believes that houseplants help to maintain the energy flow and balance in the household. On the other hand, plants that do not comply with Vastu are harbingers of negative vibrations and bad luck. You can put your hands on several houseplants, which can be placed in the hallway, the kitchen, and the balcony according to Vastus Shastra, but it is the bedroom that is the part of the house that needs a Vastu in your bedroom for two simple reasons.

  1. Your day start from Bedroom
  2. You need a peaceful sleep for good mental and physical health.


Vastu is an ancient Indian science that combines the benefits of the five elements (fire, water, earth, space, and nature) to create a balance between them and man. Vastu plants in the house attract a good mood, help to balance the flow of energy and promote the positive flow of chi.


This direction plays a key role in Vastu and plays a crucial role in influencing magnetic fields and gravitational forces so that indoor plants can enhance the positive effect at different locations in the house.


There are a few plants that are green and bring benefits, and these are the special mentions of Vastu for offices and homes, as it brings happiness, prosperity, and abundance.


Houseplants play a crucial role in beautifying the appearance of our interiors and improving the atmosphere of our homes. They improve air quality and filter out harmful toxins such as benzene and toluene. The most common benefits of several types of indoor crops are the removal of carbon dioxide and the improvement of oxygen and air quality.

Those interested in feng shui should consider growing these plants, as they are classified as lucky plants.


These plants not only beautify the appearance of your home but also bring much-needed happiness to your living space. No matter if you’re an experienced gardener or just learning the hobby of gardening, it’s time to learn about other happy plants believed to bring good vibes, positive energy, and happiness to your home.

While Feng Shui focuses on growing plants at home, Vastu promotes the same approach to bringing positivity to life. Certain Vastu plants are known to eliminate negative energy and bring positive energy into the home.

11 Best Indoor Plants According To Vastu

  1. Bamboo Plant

    bamboo plantFeng Shui advocates the same benefits when you have the happy bamboo plant at home. Having it at home in the right direction will give you a positive experience. keeping a bamboo plant with ten stems near the window or in the bedroom, where it evokes peace, tranquility, and happiness.

    Direction- Keep the plant in the southeast or east corner inside the home. While there is no hard and fast rule on which plant to buy, according to Vastu, the best one will have six stalks. 

  2.    Tulsi

    Ashna Ddhannak, Vastu Shastra expert, holistic life coach, and CEO of Enlightened Lifestyle, believes that plants play an important role in providing our environment with energy. According to Vastu, a healthy and well-grown plant that is set in the right direction improves the ability to bring abundance into one’s life and improves relationships, says Nitin Parmar of Vastus Plus in Mumbai. One of the most powerful, sacred, and auspicious plants that increase household positivity is, according to science, the sacred basil of Tulsi.

    Direction- Keeping the holy Tulsi plant in the north, north-east, or east direction creates positive energy. Do not grow it in the southernmost direction of your house. 

  3. Money plant

    According to Feng Shui, the Areca palm tree leads to health, peace, and prosperity. It is said that keeping money plants at home helps to achieve personal and professional success. Money plants help to protect the room from evil looks and negative energy.

    Direction- The plant should be kept in the southeast direction indoors. According to Vastu, you should not keep this plant in the Northeast part of the house.   

  4. Rubber plant 

    It is important to study the Vastu properties of different plants before bringing them home. The round leaves of the rubber plant symbolize prosperity and financial growth in Vastus.

    Direction- If the rubber plant is grown in the southeast direction, it can bring wealth and fame. The plant is also kept in the southwest direction for purification..

  5. Lotus Plant

    Vastu Shastra recommends placing lotus plants at the entrance of the house, where they have maximum effect.

    Direction- North is the direction Goddess  Laxmi keeps in the north corner of the home.

  6. Banana Plant   

    Vastu Shastra dictates that the banana plant should be placed in the northeast direction of your house. According to the scriptures, it is the house of Vastu and is supposed to symbolize Lord Vishnu. The rubber plant or rubber tree is known for its waxy, lush, evergreen leaves and large-scale appearance.

    Direction- The northeast part of the house is ideal for growing bananas. It’s good for your health and gives you mental peace.

  7. Snake Plants

    According to Vastu, snake plants should be in the eastern, southern, southern, and eastern corners of the house. You should avoid placing them on tables and surfaces where they do not border on other indoor plants

    direction- Keep the plant in the south or east part of the bedroom. This plant is great for reducing stress and creating a positive atmosphere.

  8. Jade

    The jade symbolizes growth and regeneration, and the shape of the leaves resembles jade stones. The plant Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is native to Southeast Asia, and Vastu Feng Shui combines it with happiness and health.

      Direction- Keeping it in the southeast direction of your entrance attracts the most energy. Please note that the Vastu shastra recommends that jade plant should not be kept in the bedroom or bathroom as it may bring negativity. 


  9. Alovera

    As we all know Alovera plant has many health benefits. Alovera is good not only good for skin and hair. Keeping Alovera brings positive to home.

    Direction- Placing the aloe vera plant in the east or the north corner of the house

  10. Peace Lily

    The Peace Lily plant is the epitome of love and harmony. It signifies tranquility and purity which are in great demand in today’s world where people lack basic human values. Keeping it in the bedroom can improve your sleeping pattern and keep bad dreams at bay. Those who have disturbed sleep patterns along with nightmares should plant this plant near their bedside table or inside the room where they sleep. According to Vastu, if you’re experiencing insomnia or sporadic rest periods owing to some major stress, keeping a Lily plant in your room can be helpful.

    Direction- You can place the peace lily plant anywhere you want, but the bedroom is the best place

  11. Lavender

    Lavender is well known for its scent and it helps in reducing stress. It promotes inward harmony and aids in killing internal demons. It grows up to six feet and is taller making it ideal for small apartment dwellings. After you water this plant, your favorite scent will remain for days.

    Direction-Keep Lavender in the north or east direction of the house.

    Choose the right Vastu plant for your home to get the most out of positive vibes. If the plant does not follow the principles of Vastu Shastra and is set in the wrong direction, it will bring ominous happiness to the inhabitants of the house. Check out the best Vastu fish for a home to harness the power of positivity.


    These are the indoor plants you can use in your home, according to Vastu. For the placement of plants, you need to check Vastus bathroom fixtures and bedroom fixtures to make sure you position the plants correctly to enjoy the maximum benefit. To do this, check the online Vastu guidelines for placement and directions of plants.

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