What to Plant With Strawberries: 11 Best Strawberry companion plants

what to plant with strawberries

What to plant with strawberries: Best Herbs , Fruits , Vegetables as Strawberry companion plants

Plants to Grow Near Strawberries

There are a variety of plants that can be grown near strawberries in order to improve their growth and yield. Some plants, like garlic and onions, act as companions for the strawberry plants and help protect them from pests and diseases. Other plants, like borage, are helpful herbs that can be used to make teas or added to salads to enhance the flavor of the strawberries. Additionally, there are beneficial insects that can be attracted to the garden in order to help control harmful pests. Hoverflies, for example, are syrphid flies that eat aphids and other small soft-bodied insects. Finally, lettuce and spinach are two leafy greens that produce good fruits when planted near strawberries. They also fix nitrogen in the soil which helps improve the overall health of the strawberry plants.

Herb companion plants for strawberries

There are a variety of companion plants that can be used with strawberries in the garden. Herbs like Chives, borage, and thyme are all compatible plants that help to improve growth and flavor. Rhubarb is not actually a vegetable, but it can be planted near strawberries to act as a companion plant. The herb attracts pollinating insects, which in turn draws in predators that help to keep pests under control. Borage is also a companion plant for strawberries; it helps them grow bigger and stronger. Here is the list of top herb companion plants for strawberries

Best Herbs to Grow with Strawberries


Borage is an herb that has a variety of benefits for strawberry growers. It attracts beneficial insects and pollinators to the patch, which helps to keep the population of damaging pests under control. In addition, borage repels harmful insects, making it a valuable addition to any strawberry planting. It also attracts pollinators, which is important for good fruit production. Finally, borage is one of the best companion plants for strawberries and can help improve yields and the overall health of the strawberry patch.


The herb caraway is known to attract parasitic wasps and flies that prey on pests. These flies and wasps are voracious predators of many common strawberry pests, such as aphids, thrips, whiteflies, and spider mites. As a result, the strawberry plant benefits by attracting these beneficial insects. Caraway’s benefits don’t stop there; it also cannibalizes insects that commonly munch on strawberries.


Chives are a companion plant for strawberries. Companion plants are plants that grow near other plants in order to improve their growth or flavor. Chives are a great companion plant for strawberries because they improve the flavor of the strawberries and also help to deter slugs. Chives have a strong scent that deters slugs from coming near. They are often grown for their leafy top, but they can also be used as mulch around other plants.


Yarrow is a beneficial flower that attracts pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. It can also boost the yield of strawberries, making them more productive.


Spinach is a leafy green vegetable that is rich in iron and other nutrients. It has a slightly bitter taste and can be eaten raw or cooked. Spinach is also a good source of antioxidants, which can help protect the body from damage caused by free radicals.


Thyme is a perennial herb that has many different uses. It is most commonly known for repelling certain varieties of parasitic worms, but it also has a variety of scents and medicinal properties. Thyme can also be used as an ornamental plant, and strawberry plants do well when thyme is planted nearby.

Flower companion plants for strawberries

Flower companion plants can help to keep pests away from your strawberry plants. One of the most trusted and well-known pest repellants is the marigold. Marigolds have been used for centuries to ward off bugs and pests, and are still relied on today. While companion gardening is a beneficial practice, there is limited research on how effective it really is.

Best Flower plant to grow with Strawberries


Lupin is a nitrogen-fixing plant that has the ability to take nitrogen from the air and turn it into a form that plants can use. This makes lupin an important plant for creating nitrogen-rich soil. Not only does this benefit strawberry plants, but any other plants in the vicinity of lupin as well. Lupin also attracts pollinators such as honey bees, which helps to spread pollen between different plants. Additionally, lupin hosts bacteria that fix nitrogen, making it an even more valuable addition to the garden.


companion planting is a great way to garden. Companion plants are plants that grow well together and help each other out. French Marigolds and Strawberries make a beautiful team together as companion plants. The French Marigold’s fragrance deters pests that harm strawberries. A treat in itself to see beautiful marigold flowers.

Vegetable companion plants for strawberries

Companion planting is a great way to improve the health and yield of your garden plants. When you companion plant, you place different plants near each other that have complementary needs – for example, nitrogen-fixing plants next to fruiting plants. This helps the fruiting plants get the nutrients they need while also helping to improve the overall health of the nitrogen-fixing plants. There are many different types of companion planting combinations, but some of the most popular ones include asparagus and strawberries, beans and peas, lettuce and garlic, and onion and horseradish.

Best Vegetable plant to grow with Strawberries

Bush Beans

Bush beans are a type of legume that is often grown in gardens. Not only are they delicious, but they also have some great benefits for other plants in the garden. For one, bush beans release beneficial nitrogen back into the soil for surrounding strawberries. Additionally, beans are planted with strawberries to attract nitrogen-fixing bacterias. Lastly, bush beans work well to repel garden beetles and other insects that might feed on strawberry plants


Companion planting is the practice of growing different plants together for the benefit of one or both of the plants. There are a number of benefits to companion planting, including increased yields, decreased pests and diseases, and improved soil health. Onions and garlic are two great companion plants for strawberries because they keep away marauders that feed on your berries.


Asparagus and strawberries are natural companions for the garden bed. They spread their roots on alternate planes of the soil, meaning they will not compete for resources. They both emerge from the ground soon after the last frost, making them a perfect pair. Companion plants are beneficial to reduce weed growth, but it is important to note that they will feed the gas as it decomposes.

Why grow strawberry companion plants (Companion Plants for berries)?

Companion planting is the practice of growing two or more plants together for mutual benefits. There are many reasons to companion plants, including enhancing growing conditions, attracting pollinators, making good use of available space, and improving flavor or pest resistance in certain plants. Companion planting with strawberries can provide a number of benefits, including improved pollination, boosted nutrients in the soil, and protection from pests. When selecting companion plants for strawberries, it is important to consider the needs of both plants and choose companions that will provide shade and keep the soil cool and moist.

Strawberry Beds

The strawberry plants are kept safe from deer and rabbits by a picket fence. Day Neutral or European Strawberry species are small, sweet fruit with 2 to 3 berries per plant per week.

Strawberry Life Cycle

Strawberries are a perennial fruit that dies back in winter and starts growing again in the spring. They produce numerous runners with tiny baby plants at the tips. Extra berries can be produced by clipping off the runners.

Strawberry plants are perennials in the North, but sempervirens in the South. In Florida, they can produce fruit as early as February. As the season progresses northward, strawberries will be produced in June. The plants take a second break during summer’s second half; however, runners should be allowed to grow no more than three per season to keep production going.

Planting Strawberries And Propagation

There are a few key things to keep in mind when planting strawberries. First, make sure that the roots are fully saturated by giving them plenty of water. Secondly, proper watering helps prevent diseases and keeps the plants healthy. Additionally, each strawberry plant will produce around 100-125 new plants, so make sure to space them out accordingly. Finally, it is best to plant strawberries on a cloudy day in the late afternoon.

Plants to Avoid in your Strawberry Patch

There are a few plants that you should avoid planting near your strawberry patch. Strawberry plants can be killed by verticillium, which is a fungus found in many plants in the cabbage family. Additionally, strawberries should not be planted in beds that have recently housed these plants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are eggshells good for strawberry plants?

Eggshells are a great source of trace nutrients that can help to maintain the health of strawberry plants. Eggshells have been found to contain high levels of calcium and potassium, which are essential for the health of strawberries.

Can I cut and plant strawberry runners?

The question of whether or not you can cut and plant strawberry runners is dependent on the type of strawberries that are being grown. Strawberry cultivars with runners can be planted in a cold frame, but you must use a potting mix that contains sand or vermiculite.

Do tomatoes and strawberries grow well together?

Tomatoes and strawberries grow well together because they have similar growing seasons. Tomatoes are in the spring, so that is when you should plant them if you want to grow them together; strawberry plants are in the summer, so they should be planted at the same time. Tomatoes and strawberries are also both perennial plants, which means that they live for a long time, typically three to five years.

Should I cover my strawberry plants?

In order to protect your strawberry plants from frost, you should cover them with a sheet of clear plastic or a tarp. It is best to use whatever materials are on hand rather than buying expensive frost protection materials.

Do strawberries come back every year?

Strawberries are a perennial plant, so they will come back every year.

How far apart do you plant strawberries?

Planting strawberries is an easy task. You can plant them next to each other, or you can space them out by about afoot.

Is coffee grounds good for strawberry plants?

Coffee grounds are good for strawberry plants because they provide them with fertilizer.

Do raspberries and strawberries grow well together?

Yes, they will grow well together. Raspberries and strawberries are both members of the rose family so they can share the same soil and thrive in each other’s company.

Do strawberries grow well in raised beds?

Strawberries grow best when planted in the ground and not in raised beds. Strawberries are a perennial plant that needs full sun, well-drained soil, and cool temperatures to thrive. The plants should also be spaced about three feet apart.

What is companion planting?

Companion planting is a technique that pairs different plants together to maximize the benefits of each plant. This technique can help farmers save time and money, as well as encourage biodiversity in their farms. Companion planting can also be used in gardens and at home.

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