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Best Thyme Companion Plants – What to Grow & What to Avoid

Thyme Companion Plants

Best Thyme Companion Plants

thyme companion planting: what grows well with thyme

Thyme is a great herb to have in your garden. It is a versatile herb that can be used in both cooking and medicinal applications. Additionally, thyme makes a great companion plant for other plants. Some of the best companion plants for thyme are vegetables like tomatoes, and eggplant; and flowers like roses. These are the crops that can be considered when planting thyme in your garden.


Shallots are a type of bulb that is related to onions but they look different. They grow in clusters and have a milder flavor than onions. Shallots are companion plants with thyme and when planted together, the thyme will help improve the flavor of the shallots while also repelling worms.


Potatoes and thyme are a great combination in the kitchen. Not only do they taste great together, but thyme also has some great benefits for potatoes. Planting potatoes as a companion plant to thyme is a good endeavor. Thyme attracts parasitic wasps that prey on potato beetles, which keeps them away from the plants and your harvest. In addition to repelling pests, thyme can also improve the taste of your potatoes. Be sure to plant it with thyme!


Companion planting is a technique that gardeners use to pair plants together in order to benefit each other. Often, companion plants are planted near one another so that they can protect each other from pests and diseases. Thyme is a great companion plant for eggplant because it repels pests like moths and beetles. Additionally, planting thyme near eggplant will help protect the eggplant from disease.


There are a number of benefits to growing thyme in your garden. Not only does it help to suppress weeds, but it also helps to deter marauders from destroying strawberries or other delicate plants. Thyme also helps to keep soil moist by providing ground cover, making it an ideal choice for gardens with low water retention.


Tomatoes are a popular garden vegetable, and there are a few things you can do to improve your success with them. One is to plant thyme nearby. Thyme is very good at keeping pests away from tomatoes, and it also improves your tomato flavour.

Thyme companion flowers


They are best planted with thyme, as this will help keep aphids and blackflies away from the roses. However, it is still difficult to keep these pests away from roses, and roses can actually help get the job done in controlling aphids and blackflies.


Lavender is a companion plant for most Mediterranean herbs. Thyme will do fine with lavender because they have similarities in growth requirements. Lavender is drought tolerant and aromatic, making it a perfect companion for other plants in your garden.

Salad Burnet

Salad Burnet is a herb that is used for both aesthetic and medical purposes. The leaves of the herb are edible and it has astringent properties. Thyme also helps to thrive well with this combination of plants.


Thyme is a great companion plant to cabbage family members. It does a great job of keeping off pests that disturb them such as aphids, cabbage moths, flea beetles, and loopers.


Blueberries are a delicious and healthy fruit that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. They are especially popular in the summertime, but can be enjoyed all year round. In order to get the most out of your blueberry plants, it is important to plant them in the right environment and with the help of some beneficial plants. Thyme is one such plant; it helps to attract honey bees that aid in pollination, and it also has benefits for berries gardens as a whole. If you have a strawberry, raspberry, or blackberry garden, then planting thyme alongside them will be helpful.

Bad thyme companion plants: What can you not plant with thyme?

Thyme is a good companion plant for many other plants in the garden. It helps to repel pests and can improve the flavor of other plants when grown nearby. However, there are a few plants that should not be planted near thyme, as they can stunt its growth or have harmful effects on the thyme plant. These include tomatoes, potatoes, roses, and raspberries. Thyme is also an easy crop to cultivate and works well with many garden plants.


There are a few different things to keep in mind when growing chives and thyme together. First, chives and thyme have different requirements for growing conditions- chives prefer moist soil while thyme prefers dry soil. Second, never place chives and lavender together as they will thrive better in moist soil. Finally, it is important to note that chives are not compatible with thyme.


Basil is a great herb to have in your garden. It does well with most vegetables and helps to increase the essential oil content of those plants. You should keep basil away from thyme, however, as their flavors will clash and the basil will likely be destroyed. Basil also has a strong flavor which can be enhanced by adding other herbs. This makes it more potent as a pest repellent.


Cilantro is a companion plant to many crops, attracting beneficial insects and bugs. Companion planting is the practice of planting two or more different types of plants close together in order to benefit from each other. For example, cilantro attracts certain bugs like aphids, potato beetles and spider mites. While these pests may not be harmful to cilantro, they can be detrimental to other nearby plants. Cilantro is a common herb and easy to grow.

What plants go well with thyme?

These plants are often grown in gardens and used as herbs. Basil, chervil, dill, fennel, parsley, and tarragon go well with thyme.

Where should I plant my thyme?

Thyme is a perennial herb that is commonly used in cooking. Thyme can be planted in sun or shade and prefers well-drained soil.

Can you plant oregano and thyme together?

Yes, you can plant oregano and thyme together as they are both herbs. Oregano is a Mediterranean herb while thyme is an evergreen perennial shrub that’s native to northern Africa and southern Europe. They can be planted together because thyme is a perennial shrub, meaning it will grow back every year from the base of where it was planted. Oregano is a Mediterranean herb, and it will grow back every year from the base of where it was planted. They can be planted together because thyme is also an evergreen perennial shrub that’s native

Can thyme be planted with flowers?

Possibly. Thyme plants may send up flowers as a sign that thyme is growing well in your garden or on the plant itself.

Do parsley and thyme go together?

Parsley is a herb with a light, fresh flavor that complements a variety of dishes. Thyme has an earthy and herbaceous flavor that can be used to season meat or chicken, or to make a fresh herb paste. They are often used in the same dishes, but they can also be combined with other herbs like oregano, marjoram and basil.

Can I plant lemon thyme and basil together as companion plants?

Yes, with a few caveats. A lemon thyme and basil garden will provide your yard with many benefits, but you should avoid planting them too close together because they are both invasive plants that will take over your garden.

Can thyme and basil be planted together?

Thyme and basil are both hardy herbs, which means that they can be planted together without risk of them being too cold or too hot for each other.

Can I plant rosemary and thyme together?

This is a question that can be answered with a featured snippet. A quick answer to this question could be, “Rosemary and thyme are not considered invasive plants and can grow together.”

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