15 Best Home Fragrances 2022

best home fragrances

How do I keep my house smelling good all the time if you are looking for an answer to this then choose the right smelling fragrances candles, reed diffusers, or sprays from our selections these beautiful fragrances are the best you can find to make your homes wonderful. We have been testing all kinds of reed diffusers, candles, and sprays and have chosen the ones with the best scents. Though Choosing the fragrance for your house is a very personal decision there are three decision-making criteria scent, room, and burn time on all of which we have used to arrive at the best options

Our Top Picks for Home Fragrances

Best Luxury Candle: Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle
Best Scent For Living Rooms: Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Scented Candle
Best Value For MoneyYankee Candle Large Jar Candle Pink Sands & Large Jar Candle Bahama Breeze

Best Home Fragrances

  1. Cire Trudon Ernesto Candle

    Cire Trudon is French Luxury Candle makers who established in 1643 and used to supply to the Royal Court and this is our pick for the best luxury candle

    • These are True Smoke-Free Candles
    • These Candles are made without paraffin
    • Truly Luxury Candles
    • Candle Smell can fill the whole house nicely


    • Too Expensive
  2. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Scented Candle

    One of the most popular fragrances from Jo Malone’s range around the year this Candle is our pick for the best scent for living room

    • Sensuous Smelling Candle filled with notes of raspberry, pomegranate, and plum
    • Heavy Strong Smell that Fills your house beautifully
    • Best Suited For Autumn / Winter Seasons
    • Truly Luxury Candles


    • Too Expensive

    The White Company Candle

    One of the most beautiful handmade candle this is our pick for the best candle for the bedroom

    • Uplifting and not subtle smelling
    • Great Packaging
    • High-Quality Wax made in the UK


    • Can be overpowering if used in the small room
  4. Skandinavisk ROSENHAVE ‘Rose Garden’ Scented Candle

    This is our pick for the best floral-scented luxury candle from all our picks and on top is natural and organic

    • Certified Vegan and Cruelty-Free
    • 50 Hours of Burn Time
    • Very Good for Spring and Summer
    • Floral, Light, and not too intense smell


    • Size is small
  5. Yankee Candle Large Jar Candle Pink Sands & Large Jar Candle Bahama Breeze

    This Candle is our pick in terms of great value for money option with a great burn time

    • Long-Lasting Candles up to 150 hours burn
    • Great Value For Money Candle
    • Recyclable Candle


    • Candle Smells are limited to just the room
    • Leaves a lot of Black soot after burning
  6. The Collection by Chesapeake Bay Candle

    These candles are solid budget picks from our side

    • 25 hours of burn time
    • 2 Wick candle which allows it to burn more evenly
    • Budget Candles


    • Tends to Break Easily
    • Softer Scents not as strong as those mentioned above
  7. HomeWorx by Harry Slatkin 4 Wick Candle

    For those looking to have multiple wicks, this candle is a solid option

    • 4 Wick candles
    • Blended Oils provide a better and purer fragrance than synthetic


    • Wicks tend to be Thick
    • Black Smoke and Soot comes from these candles
    • Wax tends to Liquefies too quickly leading to quick burning of candles
  8. Diptyque Scented Candle

    This is a solid rose-based pick candle

    • This has a unique blackcurrant scent that is rose-based and rose lovers will relish it


    • Candles lose their scent if not covered
    • Packaging is not as per Luxury standards


    • Certified Natural and Cruelty-Free
    • Delicious pine based scent perfect for occasions like Christmas


    • It Burns out really fast
  10. White Barn Candle Company Bath and Body Works 3-Wick Scented Candle


    • Uses Essential Oil for fragrances
    • 25 to 45 hours of Burn time


    • Inconsistent Quality
  11. Nest Fragrances Reed Diffuser


    • The diffuser releases fragrance for 90 days
    • Lots of variety in Fragrance though Bamboo is considered the best
    • Strong Scents


    • Inconsistent Quality
  12. Pura Diffuser


    • Smart Device which can always be updated using wi fi
    • Synchronize it with App to change the smell time and color of the device


    • If Wi-Fi goes down it needs to be reset
    • Containers don’t last more than 2 weeks and refills are expensive

How to Choose a Home Fragrance for your rooms

Choosing a Fragrance for your house is a very personal decision and while there are suggested rules for each room in the end it is a personal choice that determines what should be chosen. Let us take you through some broadly defined generic rules for each of the rooms
Living Rooms: Usually it is the largest room in the house and also the center point of a house and usually a strong fragrance is suggested for this room.

  • What Should be used: Bold and Strong Floral notes are best suited for this room along with woody or amber or smoky based fragrances. For those of you who like sweets, even sweet fragrances should be best used in this room.
  • What should not be used: Since these rooms are usually large subtle fragrances or herbal notes should be avoided as they would get lost and you would not be able to smell it

Bedrooms: Only criteria for this room should be to not choose something which creates problems when you are sleeping

  • What Should be used: Subtle Scents or Herbal scents are the ones that are usually suggested for these room chamomile and other tea-based scents like lavender are also suggested

Kitchens: For this room choose something that mixes well with the smells of all the foods being cooked

  • What Should be used: Any Fruit-based scent mints, passion fruit, basil, or other natural notes like tomato goes well here

Bathrooms: This is the room where mostly you need to mask odors and it is an open choice room where anything which smells nice goes

  • What Should be used: While anything can be used here particularly fruity and tangy flavors like berries are our picks for this room

Hallways: This is where the first impression is made on your guests and our suggestion is to choose strong and bold scents here.

Home Office: Our Pick for a home office scent is Citrus which will help you  concentrate which should make you feel better while you attend your meetings

Reed Diffuser vs Candle vs Room Spray

Candles need to be supervised and you need to be careful when they are lit but they are the best to enjoy a luxurious experience

Avoid Cheap Candles and go for high-quality ones to really enjoy the fragrance.

Reed Diffuser is great as something you need to maintain less but you will not have variety and you will have to get used to the same smell for a long period of time so use it if you really like a particular fragrance

Which Scents and Notes do you Like or Dislike

Instead of choosing a trending scent or note chose something that you personally like that is always the best option