15 Best plants for planter boxes

What Plants are good for Planter Boxes and what can I plant in an outdoor planter box in this article we will cover this in detail

  1. Pansies 

    PansiesPansies are one of the best choices for box planters. Pansies you can hang on the balcony or outside of the window. It will give your house a stunning look from outside and inside both. Pansies are vibrant flower it comes in many different color and pattern. Pansies are winter flowering plants. Pansies have different sizes of flowers big flowers can have 4-inch petals.

    Botanical Name: Ambiguous.

    Sunlight Needed: Full sun for at least 5 to 6 hours.

    Watering Interval: Pansies do not need much water, watering once in a week at least 1 inch of water.

    Soil Type: Lomey, well-draining soil, pH should be acidic between 6 to 6.5

    Pros: Easy to maintain.

    Cons: The plant does not last.

    Best Suited Planter: Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Deck Hanging Planter

  2. Coral Bells

    Coral BellsCoral Bells is the perfect choice for Box Planter if you are planning for keeping it on your front door. It is an ornamental plant with low maintenance. It grows well in both climates cold and hot. Coral Bells come in different variety of colors. Coral bells are a bushy plant its flower stem is around 45 centimeter. Most coral bells bloom in late spring and early summer.

    Botanical Name:Heuchera

    Sunlight Needed: Coral Bells needs morning 3 to 4-hour direct sunlight rest of the day shade.

    Watering Interval: Once daily.

    Soil Type: Coral Bells needs loamy, well-drained, moist soil pH should be slightly acidic, with a pH of 6 to 7.

    Pros:n Easy to care.

    Cons: It is a short-lived plant.

    Best Suited Planter: Sunnydaze Meranti Wood Outdoor Planter Box with Teak Oil Finish – Square Wooden Flower

  3. Coleus

    ColeusColeus is foliage in combinations of many colors green, yellow, pink, red, maroon. Coleus gives striking look in the flower bed of the box planter. Coleus needs bright light so it can be hanged on a window or kept as well. It has a wide range of shapes, styles, and colors. Coleus plant belongs to the mint family. It is native to tropical regions of Asia such as Nepal, India, and Thailand. The root is used as medicine.

    Botanical Name: Coleus scutellarioides.

    Sunlight Needed: Coleus grows well in shade, direct sunlight a few hours in the morning.

    Watering Interval: Once every day.

    Soil Type: well-drained, moist soil pH should be slightly acidic, with a pH of 6 to 7.

    Pros: It has many medical uses.

    Cons: Cannot survive in snowy weather.

    Best Suited Planter: Terracotta Color Flower Window Box Plastic Vegetable Planters

  4. Begonia

    BegoniaBegonia Is a perfect for summer garden it comes in many vibrant colors. Begonia bedding and box planter are a suitable match for each other. Begonia in planter box goes well with a big and small garden. Keeping Begonia at the front door gives your home entrance a magical look.

    Botanical Name: Begonia x semperflorens-cultorum

    Sunlight Needed:4 to 6 hours of direct morning sunlight a day.

    Watering Interval: One-inch water once a week, in winter once in two weeks.

    Soil Type: clay soil with light fertile and well-drained.

    Pros: Look beautiful anywhere.

    Cons: plant die in too cold.

    Best Suited Planter: Novelty 16362 Countryside Flower Box Planter

  5. Angelonia

    AngeloniaAngelonia is a tubular shape flower. Angelonia is a beautiful summer flower bed. Angelonia can be grown in any planter for maximum growth of plant box planter is suggest. Angelonia can be grown to form the seed in the planter. angelonia produces beautiful flowers in different colors mauve, purple, pink, blue, or white. It will Have flowers all summer long. For the best look of the garden mix different colors of Angelonia seed in one box planter.

    Botanical Name: Angelonia

    Sunlight Needed: At least six hours of direct sunlight.

    Watering Interval:2 to 3 times a week.

    Soil Type: Lomey, well-draining

    Pros: It has many medical uses

    Cons: can not consume directly.

    Best Suited Planter: Novelty 16363 Countryside Flower Box Planter

  6. Euphorbia

    EuphorbiaEuphorbia in a box planter is the best option for the sun-kissing window. Euphorbia is a succulents Plant that is blooming almost year-round. Euphobia can grow to 50 centimeters. Euphorbia is a shrub with thick leaves and thrones. Euphorbia leaves contain poisonous, milky, white, latex-like sap. Euphorbia is also called the crown of thrones.

    Botanical Name: Euphorbia

    Sunlight Needed: Need full sun.

    Watering Interval: Once a week.

    Soil Type: Sandy and well-drained soil.

    Pros: Low maintenance and long blooming.

    Cons: Euphorbia is toxic it can irritant to the skin and eye

    Best Suited Planter: Poly-Pro Plastic Flower Box Planter

  7. Ornamental Pepper

    Ornamental PepperOrnamental Pepper can look striking and magical and either you can grow it in the vegetable garden or a hanging window. It has many vibrant colors of fruit like red, purple, yellow, orange, black, or white. Ornamental Pepper has many shapes as well. The Colour of fruit can change as the fruit grows and ripen. Ornamental Pepper’s best growth is seen if planted in a box planter.

    Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum

    Sunlight Needed: Full sunlight.

    Watering Interval: Once daily.

    Soil Type: Sandy and well-drained pH should be neutral.

    Pros: Ornamental Pepper fruit is edible.

    Cons: Toxic to dog if eaten.

    Best Suited Planter: Amazon Basics Recycled Wood Rectangular Garden Planter

  8. Nemesia

    NemesiaThe Nemesia plant is best for hanging box planter. The Nemesia plant may resemble an orchid but it is smaller than the orchid. The Winter season is the best season to grow Nemesia.  Nemesia needs a full sun plant, especially in the spring. Nemesia flower bloom in winter at its fullest. Nemesia is a low-maintenance flowering plant.

    Botanical Name: Nemesia

    Sunlight Needed: It needs full sun to part shade.

    Watering Interval: Once a week.

    Soil Type: Sandy and well-drained soil.

    Pros: it’s bloomed all summer.

    Cons: Short-lived plant.

    Best Suited Planter: MorTime Iron Hanging Flower Rack Basket Shelf with Hooks

  9. Hydrangea

    HydrangeaHydrangea is an Asian shrub and it is a low maintenance plant. Hydrangea has a beautiful flower cluster that looks like a ball.  Hydrangea goes well with box planter in sunkissed windows. It has around 23 species. Hydrangea blooms in many shades color blue, purple, or pink, but there are also white, green, and even some red. Hydrangeas can also be transplanted easily

    Botanical Name: Hydrangea macrophylla

    Sunlight Needed: Full sun in the morning.

    Watering Interval: Twice a week

    Soil Type: Lomey and acidic soil.

    Pros: use in treat urinary infections.

    Cons: short-lived plant.

    Best Suited Planter: YAHEETECH Raised Garden Bed 48x24x30in Elevated Wood Planter Box Kit Stand with Legs Outdoor Gardening for Vegetable/Flower/Herb, Stand for Backyard/Patio/Balcony

  10. Roses

    RosesRose is a flowering shrub it came from the Latin word rosa. Roses are native to Asia, it is cultivated all around the world. It comes in many shades of colors. Roses can grow anywhere if you grow 3 to 4 shades of rose in a big box planter it will give stunning look to your garden. Rose plants are called both king and queen of flowers.

    Botanical Name: Rosa.

    Sunlight Needed: Full sun.

    Watering Interval: Once daily.

    Soil Type: Lomay soil.

    Pros: Bloom all year in warm climates.

    Cons: Plants produce pollen in the spring.

    Best Suited Planter: Wall Hanging Flowers Planter Plant Pot A Type Resin Container Gardening Indoor or Outdoor

  11. Sweet Potato Vine

    Sweet Potato VineSweet Potato Vine is an Ornamental plant it gets a classic look on a hanging box planter on the window.  Sweet Potato Vine has ranged from lacy to heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers. Sweet Potato vines are fast-growing ornamentals and eye-catching addition to your Garden. Sweet Potato Vine is perfect for container gardens because it won’t overtake companion plants.

    Botanical Name: Ipomoea batatas

    Sunlight Needed: Full sun

    Watering Interval: One-inch watering once a week.

    Soil Type: Sandy moist but well-drained

    Pros: Easy to maintain.

    Cons: It can grow up to 10 ft, the problem for limited space garden.

    Best Suited Planter: Classic Home and Garden 9418D-060 Corinthian Collection Planter, 18″ Trough, Ivory Ash

  12. Petunias

    PetuniasPetunias are most suited for container growing. For the best look at your garden grow 2 to 3 types of Petunias in a big box planter. Petunias come in many shades and color some of them comes in 2 shades of color. Petunias are wide and trumpet-shaped flowers. Its branching foliage is hairy and sticky. Petunias can have double bloom as well. Petunias grow easily and quickly.

    Botanical Name: Petunia

    Sunlight Needed: Petunia needs 5 to 6 hours of direct sunlight every day.

    Watering Interval: Once in every day.

    Soil Type: Lomey Well-drained and moist soil.

    Pros: It has a lovely fragrance.

    Cons: Petunias are easily damaged by wind or rain,

    Best Suited Planter:  Wood Planter Box Rectangle Whitewashed Wooden Rectangular Planter Decorative Rustic Wooden Box

  13. Creeping Jenny

    Creeping JennyCreeping Jenny is a fast-growing best of box planter. Creeping jenny Shiny golden foliage brightens any garden or container great combination filler plant. Creeping Jenny is native to Europe. Most gardeners look for fast-growing plants to keep their horizontal growth under control. Creeping Jenny belongs to the primrose family.

    Botanical Name: Lysimachia nummularia.

    Sunlight Needed: It needs full sun to partial shade.

    Watering Interval: one inch of water once a week.

    Soil Type: Well-draining sandy soil.

    Pros: beautiful plant.

    Cons: Grow everywhere even on walls.

    Best Suited Planter: Apollo Exports International AP-30218DW 24″ Adjustable Railing Planter, Driftwood

  14. Fuchsia

    FuchsiaFuchsia is a beautiful flower plant it comes in around a thousand variety. It is cultivated in most parts of the world. native to Central and South America. Fuchsias were named after a 16th-century German botanist – Leonard Fuchs. It is low maintenance flowering plant. Bush fuchsias grow upright into bushy plants. Fuchsia looks good in a great in-box planter.

    Botanical Name: Fuchsia magellanica

    Sunlight Needed: full sun to partial shade.

    Watering Interval: Twice a week.

    Soil Type: Moist and well-drained soil

    Pros: Fuchsia is betuiful plant.

    Cons: It can not survive in cold waves.

    Best Suited Planter: ShabbyDecor Galvanized Metal Hanging Trough Flower Planter Wall Storage

  15. Snapdragon

    SnapdragonSnapdragon is easy to maintenance flower plants. It is one of the best flower beds which is a suitable box planter. Snapdragon’s seed germination to flowers can take two to three months. Snapdragon is beautiful cool-weather flowers. Snapdragon flowering period, from June until October. Snapdragon native to western North America and the western Mediterranean region.

    Botanical Name: Antirrhinum

    Sunlight Needed: it needs full sun.

    Watering Interval: One-inch watering once a week.

    Soil Type: well-drained soil with a pH of 5.5 to 6.

    Pros: It has many medical uses.

    Cons: It gets bugs very fast.

    Best Suited Planter: Bloem Deck Balcony Rail Planter 24″ Terra Cotta